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Gretchen Carlson Shows Some Sweetness For Anti-Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Reported by Priscilla - September 29, 2011 -

Despite its claim to be "America's Newsroom," Fox News does seem to have a bias against those who seek to ensure that America's institutions of higher ed are diverse places. In order to achieve the diversity, schools use "affirmative action" standards when accepting students so that young people from all cultures can have the opportunity to pursue the kind of education once reserved for rich, white Americans many of whom, such as GW Bush, had "legacy" affirmative action. According to the GOP right, affirmative action is discriminatory to deserving white students. Recently, some fine young, Republican students, at UC Berkely held an anti-affirmative bake sale which had different prices for different groups of people in order to demonstrate the discriminatory nature of affirmative action. Not surprisingly, Fox News validated this position in two of its segments, one of which was on an official "news" show. The other was on Fox & Friends which, as an opinion show, is absolved from "fair & balanced." Just to make sure that its viewers realized the horrors of affirmative action, Fox & Friends did another segment during which the head of the Berkeley Republicans had his second Fox appearance. And this time, it was solo.

Former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson reported that there had been a protest against the bake sale which was done to show what the students felt is a problem with affirmative action. She introduced Shawn Lewis, president of the Berkeley Republicans, who was last seen getting some affirmation from Megyn Kelly. Lewis provided the Roger Ailes message for the day. Lewis, whose skin tone is one that continues to have its advantages, said that "treating people differently based on the color of their skin is discriminatory." Carlson had her patented look of righteous indignation when she said that she understood that charges might be filed against the group. Lewis explained that the student government could charge them with creating an "uncomfortable campus climate" (Ya think!) and revocation of their charter. (Oh, nooooo). But rest easy, non minority kids, the young GOPers are lawyering up an are prepared to fight for their right to free speech. Gretch grinned as she thanked him for talking about "a very controversial bake sale."

Comment: Good thing Fox & Friends doesn't have to be "fair & balanced." And BTW, so far, nobody on Fox has reported that there has been a rise in hate crimes at Berkeley directed towards those whose groups were represented on the cupcakes. Sweet.


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