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Bill O'Reilly Hiding His Ring Finger?

Reported by Priscilla - September 29, 2011 -

Paging Tanya Reiman. Body language includes the placement of hands and Bill's left hand placement has changed. In the past, he frequently used both hands when he gesticulated. As such, his wedding ring was clearly visible. He is no longer wearing the ring. But while on the Factor, he seems to be making a conscious effort to keep that ring finger out of sight. While sitting at the "Factor" desk, he always seems to have a paper, which he doesn't refer to, covering most of his left hand including the ring finger. It's strange...

It has been reported that Bill and the Mrs. are living in separate McMansions. As such, I believe it's safe to assume that they are, at least, separated. As his audience probably doesn't read Gawker and sites which sourced from Gawker, regarding Bill's marital problems, they might not know that his Catholic "traditionalist" family group is no longer intact. As many of them are older Catholics, they might not approve of this violation of the holy sacrament of marriage. I don't know why - but clearly, he seems to making an effort to conceal that finger. Bill's left hand was visible, briefly, during his recent "View" appearance. It wasn't covered in pustulent lesions. It didn't have an obscene tattoo. So why is he hiding it from his Factor fans? Go figure.

Old Bill

New Bill

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