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Steve Doocy Thinks Anti-Affirmative Action Bake Sale Is Dandy?

Reported by Priscilla - September 28, 2011 -

Affirmative action policies, particularly in schools, are anathema in the privileged world of the white Republican right wing that feels victimized by these policies which, they contend, discriminate against deserving white folks. Given that Fox & Friends is the mouthpiece for these poor, oppressed people, it's not surprising that they would glom onto UC Berkeley's anti-affirmative action "bake sale" in order to promote the right wing talking point that people should be not be judged by the color or their skin which, in the case of Fox "News," is overwhelmingly melanin challenged. ("News" person Megyn Kelly, yesterday, provided a simpatico platform for the courageous cupcake warriors) The "bake sale" purported to show the "discrimination" of affirmative action by selling cupcakes which were priced differently for different groups - a satirical idea that falls flat given that the sale of cupcakes is in no way comparable to affirmative action which is done to ensure that everyone gets a piece of the pie. (Mixed Metaphor, I know). The stunt has been met with anger by other students who see it as racist. These students are not the first to get involved in such a which has been part of fine young GOP street theater for a few years. After a Bucknell stunt was shut down, Fox's John Stossel staged his own bake-in a local mall. So guess who was on yesterday's Fox & Friends to, once again, promote his arguably racist agenda which was validated by Roger Ailes "lackey," the amazingly melanin challenged Steve Doocy.

Steve Doocy began the segment with part of a video of Megyn Kelly's interview with one of the college Republicans and a student who asserted that while the young GOPers had the freedom of speech to hold this stunts but that it was "offensive." The video that Doocy showed featured only the Republican male talking about how affirmative action was discriminatory. If you hadn't seen Kelly's piece, you would have thought that the young woman beside him was part of this group. He introduced Stossel who said that Berkeley hadn't shut down the sale and that this "is a good way to make people think about affirmative action." (In Stossel's case, it was a good way for people to think that Stossel is an a-hole.) He claimed that the UC sale is doing just that. A video of Stossel's "sale" was shown after which he stated that he was just providing instruction that "affirmative action is a form of racism." Wall of genius Doocy treated us to this gem: "An interesting lesson is learned via baked goods."

Comment: And an interesting lesson in white victimization, by racist minorities, was learned on Fox & Friends. And regarding the price scale - guess these erstwhile young Republicans have never been to a bar that charges lower prices for women on "ladies nights." The price difference is all about bringing in more people and making more money. I guess that's discrimination! Seriously, that has no connection to affirmative action and neither does UC's half-baked sale; but as a vehicle for victimized conservatives, it really takes the cake and if it's from a Republican bakery it's vanilla all the way. Keep on baking, young Republicans. Keep your eye on the prize and you shall overcome some day!


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