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Memo To Fox & Friends: I Don't Want You Hit By Skylab!

Reported by Priscilla - September 28, 2011 -

As reported on "Gawker," the "irradiated mealworms" (LOL) on Fox & Friends are a bit paranoid. During a recent discussion about where the disintegrating American satellite would land, the gang on the curvy couch expressed some fear based on their belief that they are Very Important Persons. When the "desiccated old praying mantis" (Gawker has such a way with words) Steve Doocy, started saying something about Skylab, "melancholy cornhusk" Gretchen Carlson, rather frenetically interrupted with "I know some people who would wish that we would all get hit by Skylab." Former Miss America gave her patented I-know-I'm-right smirk and nodded her lovely blonde head in affirmation to her own comment. Brian Kilmeade, who didn't get a Gawker nickname, said "they write about it everyday." Gretch, her pretty face plastered with a forced grin, tittered and agreed, "They do." Doocy provided the denouement with a bad Skylab joke.

So here's the thing. While I frequently write about Fox's right wing and very Christian version of the Three Stooges, I don't want them dead. (Unlike those on Fox Nation who have homicidal wishes for anybody not on their A list - including President Obama). If the curvy couch crew were to be warmly ushered into Republican heaven (and you know they'll jump the line), I'd have less material to work with. No, I don't want space objects to hit those on the morning show for coffee, smiles, fear and terror. But a tasteful "glitter bomb" might be nice....

Video Here:


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