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Chris Christie Still Not Running, Probably

Reported by Ellen - September 28, 2011 -

Another night on Fox, another night of discussion about Chris Christie not running for president. Just as Sean Hannity spent almost his entire show on the matter yesterday, tonight, The O’Reilly Factor made it the top story – well, after yet another discussion about taxes going up for O’Reilly millionaires. Guess what Bill O’Reilly and his two guests concluded about Christie?

O’Reilly began by saying, “In the past, Mr. Christie has always said no,” followed by a video mashup of Christie saying just that. Afterward, O’Reilly asked, at least somewhat facetiously, “The question is, is he running?”

Then O'Reilly brought on not one but two guests to analyze whether Christie really, really, really meant it when he said he’s not running or only really meant it for the moment and could change his mind later.

O’Reilly even shared a Fox News poll in which most Americans don’t want Christie to run.

This segment was followed by one with Dick Morris in which Morris predicted Christie would not run. More on that in my next post.

So why does Fox News keep harping on this non-news? Maybe it has something to do with Roger Ailes’ love for Christie. Or maybe this is what Fox thinks is newsworthy.

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