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Fox News Alert: Chris Christie Still Not Running For President, Probably

Reported by Ellen - September 27, 2011 -

Remember the old Saturday Night Live segments about Generalissimo Francisco Franco still being dead? I couldn’t help but think of those tonight as Sean Hannity devoted his entire show to the Fox News Alert about what Hannity called the “stunning development” that NJ Gov. Chris Christie will not run for president. Never mind that Politico has a nearly two-minute video mashup of Christie saying he won’t run. Hannity opened his show tonight with a Fox News Alert about it. A banner on the lower third of the screen also announced Christie's non-run. And then we listened to most of Christie’s speech followed by an analysis of Christie’s speech – all with the same message: Christie won’t run. Probably. It turns out that in the Q&A following the speech, Christie kind of ducked directly saying he won’t run.

Ironically, after airing most of Christie's speech, Hannity missed the actual question about whether or not Christie would run. But have no fear, it was shown on video. Right after the results of a text-voting poll, asking if Christie should run. Guess what the results were?

It turns out Christie was asked a second time and again he kind of finessed his answer. This one was not aired on Hannity but it's here via Mediaite and C-Span.

So now, the speculation goes on and we can keep talking about Franco Christie still being dead not running.

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