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Fox's Fr. Jonathan Morris Says Blessed Are The Rich For They Should Keep Their Tax Break?

Reported by Priscilla - September 26, 2011 -

There is something in the Bible about not being able to serve two masters. Yet, Fox's hired priest, Fr. Jonathan Morris is able to serve three - the Vatican, Fox News, and GOP conservatives. And he does provide great service which makes one wonder if his church is hoping for the kind of scarole that Rupert Murdoch shelled out to the Catholic diocese of Los Angeles and for which he was rewarded with a papal knighthood. In gratitude for his new nobility and with an eye towards moving the Catholic vote into the "R" column, Murdoch's Fox News does seem to have affection for the Roman Collar. It promotes, in its handling of issues like Obama's Notre Dame speech and women's reproductive rights, the positions of today's conservative Catholic Church which seems to place social issues above social justice. It's also seen in a large stable of right wing Catholics at Fox News, including a Catholic priest, Fr. Jonathan Morris who is the only Fox religious correspondent seen on a regular basis. Morris, formerly of the scandal ridden Legionaries of Christ, is just a humble NYC priest when he's not enjoying a game of golf at various resorts, hanging with hunky Jim Caviezel, and appearing on Fox. And in serving Fox as a pundit, he's able to service the GOP conservatives whose talking points he reinforces during his homilies. It's a sweet deal. His appearances provide a fan base for him and more viewers for Fox News whose gospel of I've-got-mine-so-f#*k-you has been blessed by Father Morris who does seem to bend over backwards for his "masters."

Lately, Morris has been seen on the Fox business channel where he's been preaching against the elimination of tax deductions for charities. (Conflict of interest much?). He also pushes the right wing meme that churches, rather than government "welfare" programs, should provide assistance to the poor and that ongoing benefits like unemployment make people lazy. Yesterday morning, on Fox & Friends, he continued to push his "supply side Jesus" gospel.

After playing the video of Obama's comment that it's not class warfare, Clayton Morris asked Fr. Morris about a Washington Post article that says sharing the wealth is basic Christianity. Fr. Morris described the bad economic conditions in which folks are having trouble getting and keeping jobs but added that the "argument" of the Washington Post article is "simplistic" because it is based on expanding government and "giving more money out to the poor." (Can't have that, can we?) He claimed that these "simplistic arguments do more damage to the bigger picture and the goal of getting jobs and living wages." Video of Fox's Mike Huckabee was shown in which Huckabee said that if Christians tithed to their churches, we wouldn't need welfare. (Talk about simplistic and just plain stupid). When Alysin Camerota asked if Christians aren't doing their Christian tithing duties, Fr. Morris repeated his ongoing meme that it's stinking thinking to think that "the government is in the best position to take care of our neighbor, the widow, the poor." The oh so dramatic little padre whined that the article was critical of Paul Ryan (awww). He claimed that the premise of the WAPO author, that the early Christian community was socialist, was wrong because that community consisted of "individuals sharing with individulas" and no evil government saying "you have more so we're going to take more and distribute according to our belief." (Right, you're eligible or you're not)

When Camerota and Clayton Morris asked Fr. Morris what he preaches about taxes from the pulpit, he showed that he's no fool. He looked sheepish as he said he only preaches about Jesus and doesn't give economic lessons. (Otherwise, could be a tax exemption issue?) He did say he talks about being a good neighbor but it's "tough" in a time of "high taxes" to say give 10% as Huckabee recommends. (I'm hearing a bell and it ain't for the "consecration." It's the GOP talking point about "high taxes" when the reality is that Americans are paying the lowest taxes that they've paid in the last 60 years!) His call for a "living wage" was countered by the GOP talking point about not just "giving more money to the government."

Comment: Who cares if a record number of Americans live in poverty?! The important thing is not "giving more money to the government" for those evil programs that the church can take over (TANF, Medicaid, Food Stamps) after they take their cut which, in Morris' case, includes a nice Hawaiian vacay with chums from Rome. (Morris must have been quite the hit when he was posted at St. Pete's). So there you have it. If you're down on your luck, just stop at Old St. Patrick's so that the twinkly eyed Fox priest can give you a used blanket to cover yourself while you bunk in over a NY heating grate. Maybe you'll get a blessing from Fr. Morris, who doesn't want rich folks to render to Caesar while he renders, and them some, to Fox "News."


Check out this video. Doug Schoen says that government should take care of the poor. He also suggests that Morris' aversion to public assistance isn't in keeping with being a priest. Morris goes all drama queensy on him.

For those of you who have a problem with a Catholic priest being used for right wing propaganda, you could contact

Fox News - yourcomments@foxnews.com
The Vicar General of the NY Catholic Arch Diocese
• Contact: Bishop Dennis Sullivan
• Phone: 212-371-1011 Ext. 2920
• Email: chancery@archny.org

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