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Hannity “A Little Shocked” At Conservatives’ Negative Reaction To Perry In Debate

Reported by Ellen - September 24, 2011 -

I never got around to posting about this but Sean Hannity did a lengthy special interview with Rick Perry Wednesday night (9/21/11), one night before Fox’s GOP candidates’ debate in an obvious attempt to burnish Perry’s image in advance. Unfortunately, Perry’s actual debate performance seems to have undone all of Hannity’s good works. As I posted, Frank Luntz’ focus group panned Perry and overwhelmingly found Mitt Romney the winner. Luntz was back for more about Perry’s debate performance last night (9/23/11) and it wasn’t pretty for Perry or Hannity.

Luntz called the debate “one of the most significant two hour segments of politics that I’ve seen in the last 15 years.” He added, “You had a winner, you had a loser and it really shook up the field.”

Hannity stammered a few weak words on Perry’s behalf. “We’re going to see (what happens) in the polls as they emerge.” Later, Hannity asked, “Can Governor Perry learn from this?”

The answer was, eventually, yes. But first, it went downhill from there for Perry. Luntz really lacerated him not only for being at odds with his party on the substance of immigration but for how he communicated his position at the debate.

Then, adding insult to injury, Luntz played clips of his focus group participants describing Perry. None of the comments were good.

“Do you want to see Rick Perry as the candidate debating Barack Obama in the fall?” Luntz asked his group.

“No!” was the chorus. One man said, “God, no!”

Hannity sputtered again. “I’m a little shocked.”

At the end, Luntz (whom I suspect is a Romney supporter) gave a few pointers for Perry. Luntz also noted that Perry is still the front runner but he also said that the fact that there’s no new debate for several weeks means the results of this one will linger in the air for quite a while.

The best laid plans of Fox and men...

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