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Megyn Kelly Uses "Right To Life" Talking Point To Frame Debate Question

Reported by Priscilla - September 23, 2011 -

Fox News is supposedly "fair & balanced," right? So if they're "fair & balanced," you would think that questions asked by Fox "news" folks, during a Fox GOP presidential candidate debate, would also be "fair & balanced." Well think again because in last night's Fox debate, supposed Fox "news" anchor, Megyn Kelly (appropriately attired in Republican red) asked Rep. Ron Paul the following question: "Congressman Paul, you have said that you believe that life begins at conception and that abortion ends an innocent life. If you believe that, how can you support a rape exception to abortion bans, and how can you support the morning-after pill? Aren't those lives just as innocent?" The anti-choice bias of that "question" couldn't be clearer.

Kelly's statement of Fox fact, that the morning-after pill takes "lives," is straight out of the anti-choice playbook as they take the religiously based position that "life" begins at conception while the medical field defines pregnancy as starting at implantation. The morning-after pill prevents implantation which, according to Kelly and her anti-choice pals, is really the taking of a "life" through abortion. If a woman is already pregnant, the morning after pill doesn't cause an abortion. Nice to see the "fair & balanced" news network framing their debate questions in an accurate and non ideological way and not as right wing talking points - not!!!!


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