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Fox Nation Uses Photo Of Black Man To Headline Thread About White Supremacist

Reported by Priscilla - September 22, 2011 -

In a stunning example of either poor editing or straight out race baiting, Fox Nation used a picture of Troy Davis, the African American man who was executed by Georgia, to headline this article: "Texas Abolishes 'Last Meal' Request For Death Row Inmates." The material on the Fox Nation thread reports that Texas will no longer honor the tradition of the choice of the last meal for convicts sentenced to die. The change of policy is because a Texas state senator was outraged about the size of the meal chosen by Lawrence Russell Brewer who was sentenced to die for dragging an African American, James Boyd, to his death more than ten years ago. While the Fox Nation "front page" references the crime as a "hate crime," it neither identifies the killer as a white supremacist nor the victim as black. The casual reader (and for Fox Nation the term is used quite loosely) who is not familiar with the crime is left with the impression that the death row inmate of the story is an African American who committed a hate crime against a white man. You just can't make this stuff up. Oh, right. This is Fox Nation. Nuff said!

Troy Davis who has nothing to do with this story

Lawrence Russell Brewer who is the inmate about whom the story was written

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