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Multimillionaires Hannity And Palin Lecture Warren Buffett Over Tax Increases For The Wealthy

Reported by Ellen - September 21, 2011 -

Sarah Palin, that font of knowledge and wonkishness, visited with Sean Hannity Tuesday night (9/20/11) to offer her special brand of insight and analysis to President Obama’s economic plan, described by the two multimillionaires as class warfare. Hannity hilariously pretended he was not one of the wealthy class and told Buffett to “put up or shut up.” Palin, on the other hand, “explained” how Buffett was “totally incorrect” in his assessment that his secretary paid a lower tax rate than he did.

In his introduction, Hannity complained that the “rhetoric of class warfare” is “reaching new heights.” He meant, of course, the Democrats’ rhetoric. With his typical Hanctimonious hypocrisy, Hannity immediately went on to attack and enable attacks on Buffett, based on his wealth. It began with Hannity's unintentionally hilarious introduction saying that Obama has “taken the story of rich vs. poor, pitting his billionaire friends like Warren Buffett against the rest of us.”

That’s right, “regular guy” Sean Hannity – whose earnings just happen to total about $100 million, is one of the poor, exploited masses, making do in a waterfront mansion on Long Island. Along with “hockey Mom” Sarah Palin who, less than a year after she quit her job as governor of Alaska, had earned an estimated $12 million. They’re just like you and me – except that they ignore the fact that the majority of Americans agree with Buffett and Obama that the super-rich should pay more.

Palin either didn’t know how the majority of Americans feel or else she chose to ignore it. She said Obama is “underestimating the wisdom of the people” by proposing a tax increase on the highest earners. She added, “We know that increasing tax rates on anybody, regardless of income, at a time of economic woe will certainly not grow the economy, will not allow private-sector jobs to be created. He’s really underestimating the electorate on this one.”

Buffett completely disagrees that tax hikes would harm the economy but what would he know? Hannity certainly didn't bother to mention it.

Palin continued by saying that Buffett is “totally incorrect in trying to make Americans believe that his secretary would be paying a lower tax rate than he is as a billionaire because he’s trying to make the suggestion that his tax rate is based on just his income. And we know that some of the semantics that he’s even used in the piece that he wrote is, I believe, used to confuse people and used to gin up this class warfare rhetoric and glad that the AP and you have fact-checked it.”

Memo to Palin: I believe the right-wing talking points are that Buffett's earnings are NOT income

Like Bill O’Reilly – who also lectured Buffett – Palin is just plain wrong. This particular myth was debunked both by Media Matters (which also has a nice deconstruction of the AP story Palin referenced) and by Fox News contributor Ben Stein, who also happens to be an economist. A conservative economist. But what would he know compared to Palin and Hannity?

Hannity had his own pearls of wisdom for Buffett: “Put up or shut up. You want to pay more in taxes? Write a check to the federal government.”


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