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Eric Bolling: Fox's New Conspiracy Theorist

Reported by Aunty Em - September 21, 2011 -

When Fox “News” unceremoniously dumped Glen Beck, conspiracy nuts across the planet not only mourned his loss, but actually spun it into their web of conspiracy theories: authorities needed to silence The Beckinator because he was getting too close to the truth. With Beck off cable, where could nut jobs go to get their [free] daily adult requirement of conspiracy theories? Not everyone is flush enough to fork over whatever crazy amount it costs to subscribe Beck’s webalicious GB[L]TV. Genius that he is, Eric Bolling has recognized that fact and has sought to fill the gap by spewing one whacked out conspiracy theory after another. Hardeep Dhillon of Media Matters makes that very point in an article titled, “Bolling Uses Obama's Support Of Israel To Claim He Doesn't Support Israel.” According to Dhillon:

To reconcile Obama's supposed anti-Israel leanings with reports that Obama will veto a bid for recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations, Bolling claimed yesterday on Fox News' The Five that the statehood bid is a "set up" by the Palestinians and Obama to make Obama look as if he is "pro-Israel":
BOLLING: I'm mad because I think this is all a set up. I think this is the Palestinians say: "Hey, Mr. Obama, we want -- we're thinking about asking for statehood." And they know very well the Obama administration is going to say "No way, not now, this is not the time." And then when we go into the election Obama is going to go, "Oh, look what I did all you Israeli vote -- Israel, Jewish voters. Vote for me. I am pro-Israel." Even though everything he's done is anti-Israel up until this point."

Bolling is no stranger to conspiracy theories: He remains a birther even after Obama released his long-form birth certificate and he's spun wild conspiracy theories on topics as wide ranging as Moody's assessment of the United States' credit-worthiness, Obama's Rural Council, and gun issues.

Dhillon also relates how Bolling “doubled down” last night on his nutty conspiracy theory that the Palestinian Authority and President Obama are in cahoots:

BOLLING: I'm taking a little bit of heat yesterday and I stand by it, that I think this is the Obama administration cutting a deal with the Palestinian Authority to say, "Look, back off," Obama says to the Palestinians, "Back off, we'll do this another time." And then he could go into the 2012 elections looking like he is pro-Israel which he hasn't been up until now.

Sure, it’s no Caliphate New World Order, but remember: it took Beck two years to get that crazy. The Five is only 5 weeks old and Bolling is just getting started.