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Fox Nation Comment Encourages Terrorism Against "Ground Zero Mosque"

Reported by Priscilla - September 20, 2011 -

Fox Nation has a thread which reports that the "Ground Zero Mosque" (No quotes are used in their headline) will be opening the first part of the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center tomorrow with an exhibit of children's art. Naturally, the comments from the nice pro-life Christians revolve around how Islam is a religion of violence. (As opposed to those nice Christian crusaders, inquisitors, Nazis, and abortion clinic bombers). Several of the comments "joke" about how awesome it would be if somebody flew a plane over the site and dumped pig guts. But "A Mighty Wind" doubled down with something far more insidious but typical of Fox's Islamophobic fans. Wonder if this dude knows that his avatar is the name of a satirical movie about the reunion of a folk group, written and directed by one of the writers for "This is Spinal Tap?" Anyway, check out this comment on a website for those opposed to intolerance. And BTW, the article links to "Weasel Zippers" which is another radical right wing, Islamophobic hate site. All kidding aside, I hope that the center has good security.


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