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Dana Perino Pimps Christian Kids Book About Heaven

Reported by Priscilla - September 20, 2011 -

In addition to being a venue for persecuted Christians, Fox & Friends is also a venue for Christian evangelizing and books by those who are just spreading "the word." Last December, Fox & Friends promoted radical Christian dominionist Jim Garlow's book about angels. Today, none other than Billie Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz was on the curvy couch to discuss her new book about how children's fears, particularly about death, can be assuaged by telling them about heaven and, according to Dana Perino, how "they can turn to faith for support." Perino just gushed over the "honor" of interviewing Graham who said that her book is "true, because it's based on what the bible said" such as the bible description of heaven having walls that are 200 feet thick. Bet ya didn't know that!

Perino played along and validated the book as "great for the child and also good for the adult and the reader because it helps them have a tool to explain it." Lotz said that this is a tool for parents to pass their faith in Jesus to their children. The chyron described Lotz as a "spiritual icon." (Huh?) After she noted that she uses angels in the illustrations, Perino said "you're an angel." The chyron: "Comforting Fear & Opening Eyes, Book Educates Children About Heaven." Perino repeated that it was an "honor" to have interviewed Lotz.

Comment: Good Lord. You'd think that Perino had Mother Teresa on the set. But once again, it was apparent that Fox & Friends knows its demographics very well - that demographic having lots of conservative Christians. Lotz's heavenly scenario (there were black kids there) is not universally accepted even among Christians and certainly not those who don't believe in the literal word of the bible. Even in my Catholic grammar school, not exactly a bastion of enlightenment, we were taught that heaven is a state of mind. Jews certainly don't believe in Lotz's version of an afterlife and certainly won't be teaching their kids that they will meet up with Jesus. But Lotz's heaven does seem appropriate for conservative Republicans as it does resemble a nice Christian gated community. But seriously, if kids have fears about death and other scary stuff, there are plenty of reality based books, written by clinicians who specialize in separation and loss issues. But that's science and the religious right, for whom Fox & Friends is the mouthpiece, does have a problem with that.... Oh well, maybe Dana can read this book to her step-grandchildren!


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