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Fox & Friends Decide Bill Clinton Didn’t Really Mean It When He Supported Obama’s Jobs Plan

Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2011 -

Who needs a Democratic guest when you’ve got Fox & Friends Republican clairvoyants to tell you what Democrats are really thinking? At least, that would seem to be the case as the curvy couch crew announced this morning that former president Bill Clinton was caught in a bad position yesterday when he was asked about President Obama’s jobs plan and defended it out of obligation not sincerity. But speaking of sincerity, this was during an anniversary visit to Florida’s The Villages that looked a lot more like an infomercial for one of their advertisers than a place Fox News producers happened to pick for its scenic or journalistic value. The happy talk included “spontaneously” singing The Village’s jingle.

When it came time to discuss Clinton, host Gretchen Carlson played a clip of Clinton’s comments on ABC’s This Week the day before in which he called Obama’s jobs plan “a very good plan.”

“So what do you think of that?” Carlson asked Republican guest, Dana Perino – a former spokesperson for George W. Bush.

Perino didn’t hear what was said, but not to worry, she “got the gist of it.” Then she went on to explain that Clinton had been on to promote his worthy Global Initiative. “He didn’t want to necessarily be put in a position to have to defend President Obama and his jobs plan or the deficit plan but that’s the role he takes… It’s just the kind of luck of timing. You would expect him not to criticize it,” Perino spun said.

Her “proof” that Clinton didn’t really support the plan was that a while back, he had his own plan to save the economy “which did not necessarily jibe with what President Obama has proposed.” Well, Clinton's wife had lots of plans that didn't necessarily jibe with Obama's, either, but she's certainly supporting him now. But, not surprisingly, none of the hosts challenged Perino's interpretation.

Instead, host Brian Kilmeade piped up to say that Clinton had “respectfully,” “unlike President Obama,” said there should be a debate about Rep. Paul Ryan’s economic plan. Kilmeade went on to say that many Democrats believe “this economic mess we’re in wouldn’t have happened” if Clinton were still president because “there were no adults in the room" of the Obama administration. “That’s what a lot of Democrats are thinking,” I imagine, Kilmeade hypothesized.

Somehow, nobody mentioned the Bush administration’s role in the mess.

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