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Bill O'Reilly Asks Why Rep. Maxine Waters "Attacks" Fox News? Excuse Me?

Reported by Priscilla - September 19, 2011 -

In a recent speech, Democratic Congressional Rep. Maxine Waters said “Are you going to say to Fox News when they try and choke us, lie on us, undermine us, and destroy us, ‘We’re going to turn the television off on you?" Two weeks ago, Bill O'Reilly wanted to know why Ms. Waters "attacked" Fox News. A better question would be why wouldn't Ms. Waters attack Fox News?!

Bill O'Reilly, who can't understand why Maxine Waters "attacks" Fox News, started his segment by commenting about how he was fixated by Waters hair. He wanted to know if it was real. I don't know if he were joking or blowing a racist dog whistle. O'Reilly can be pompous ass but he's not stupid. As such, he must know that African American women have strong feelings about their hair. One wonders what O'Reilly would say if somebody from the godless, secular media asked if Eric Cantor wore a wig or if Sarah Palin had breast implants. But seriously, he doesn't understand why Waters, an African American, would say what she did? Is he that clueless? There are so many examples of Fox News race baiting but here are a few blasts from the past:

•Bill O'Reilly, who mourns the demise of the white, Christian,male power structure, is thankful that he won't be around when the US is no longer a majority white country.
•Bill O'Reilly trashes black hip-hop artists.
•Fox News evokes the "scary black man" in its "coverage" of the Department of Justice investigation into the New Black Panthers.
•Glenn Beck, after a week of race baiting, says that President Obama is a racist. Sean Hannity agrees.
•John Stossel defends racial discrimination.
•Bill O'Reilly says blacks should stop playing the race card.
•Just one of Sean Hannity's segments which advance the theme of black on white bigotry.
•Sean Hannity paints Obama as black radical.

And how bout some recent material:

•Bill O'Rielly agrees that affirmative action benefits undeserving blacks.
•Sean Hannity disparages the Congressional Black Caucus of which Waters is a member.
•Referring to the black president of Gabon, Eric Bolling says that Obama hosts hoodlums in "hizzouse."
•The Fox News attack on black rapper, Common, who performed at the White House.
•Bill O'Reilly attacks black performer.

And it's not just the Fox News media. The Fox News blog, Fox Nation is a racist hate site that was forced to close down comments, on two threads about Ms. Waters, because of the vile racist nature of the comments.

Given the type of commentary, regarding Maxine Waters and minority issues on Fox "news" media, Bill really shouldn't have to ask why she would have made her very accurate and understandable comment. But then Bill was shocked that black people have table manners, so go figure!


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