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Bill O'Reilly Supports Right Wing Attack On Affirmative Action

Reported by Priscilla - September 18, 2011 -

Since the dawn of affirmative action, the right wing has been whining about how these policies are discriminatory to more deserving whites. Given that Fox "News" loves to promote the meme of victimized conservatives and that Fox's Bill O'Reilly is a proponent of the white, male power structure, it came as no surprise that he would use part of his Fox show to promote a study by a right wing group with the misleading title of "Center for Equal Opportunity." Not surprisingly, the study says that the University of Wisconsin's admission policies hurt those nice white people while advantaging those nasty blacks and Hispanics. And not surprisingly, the head of this very small right wing think tank is Fox contributor and long time GOP functionary, Linda Chavez whom Bush nominated for Secretary of Labor but whose nomination got deep sixed after she admitted that she knowingly employed of those "illegals" that Fox News loves to hate. So given the subject matter, O'Reilly was in his glory as he got to attack the University of Wisconsin at Madison, residents of which were once accused, by O'Reilly, of "communing with Satan" (too many evil libruls). Mullah Bill also got the opportunity to issue a fatwah on an African American member of the University of Wisconsin staff. Ah, good times!

On Friday night, Bill began by showing video of university students protesting a press conference held by Chavez' group to tout their recent "findings." According to reports, the students, many of whom were white, shouted "we're more than our scores" and then shut down the conference. So Bill has established the theme for his aging audience; i.e., those dirty f'n hippies and uppity blacks are out of control. Bill committed what is considered a mortal sin, if done by "librul" teevee types, by his fellow right wing travelers at Newsbusters. He didn't mention the political ideology (extreme right wing) of his guest and her organization (funded by the Scaifes and Olins). He certainly didn't mention that "illegal business." Chavez said that her "organization believes in color blind equal opportunity and not be judged by the color of your skin, discriminated against, or be given preference." She described how her group studied the university's admission policy (data from 2007 and 2008) to see what role race plays and found (quelle suprise!) that in Wisconsin blacks and Hispanics are favored. She provided "data" that purported to show that blacks and Hispanics score lower than whites. Bill claimed that the chancellors are unrepentant and that they gave permission to the students to do this. Chavez claimed that the university's vice provost "egged on" minority students and lied to them in claiming that her group wants to make sure that there are no students of color at the university which, according to Chavez was "propaganda and outright lies." (Oh, the irony - she described this interview).

Ensuring that the vice-provost would receive the perfunctory death threats from his pro-life audience, Bill said the man's name and mocked his title as vice provost for diversity and climate. He "joked" "I guess the climate at Madison is cold but they do have a provost for climate. So he's a loon." He read a quote from Damon Williams who said that he was proud of how the students represented themselves. (*Williams, unlike O'Reilly has a doctoral degree and is well respected in his field) In case you missed those librul hooligans the first time, he showed more video and asked if the students were respectful. Chavez accused the students of being a violent mob (No arrests were made). Bill said he understood that the police were there. He claimed that he invited university staff on but they refused because they want to "run and hide." "Same con game. We're gonna do what we want even though it's a state run institution with taxpayer money. We're gonna admit who we want and if you don't like it. We're gonna shout you down" (Oh, like what O'Reilly tried to do with Margaret Hoover, the other night?) "and have a mob mentality." Chavez agreed:"They don't want to debate ideas." Bill chimed in, "they don't" Chavez continued, "We're always in favor of debating ideas. They want to shout you down."

Comment: So once again, Bill O'Reilly blows the Fox News race baiting dog whistle by giving credibility to a biased and arguably racist group. And once again, Bill didn't provide pertinent detail that Hispanics and blacks make up less than 7% of the total number of students. (42,180). Bill didn't note that during the debate that did take place, part of a college professor's defense of the policy was the comment that "considering race in university admissions is necessary because we can't afford in any circumstances to have a permanent underclass." Bill didn't provide the university's official response which stated that admissions were predicated on more criteria than the Center for Equal Opportunity used in its report" and "noted it seeks a wide range of diversity in applicants from rural and urban areas." Additionally, "officials said the admissions policy complied with a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision on affirmative action in Michigan that allowed race to be used as a consideration for admission." Bill certainly didn't quote university student Mia McKinney who said, regarding Chavez's group's appearance, "I took it as a slap in the face and an insult, almost presuming that none of us worked hard and just got here because of the color of our skin, I think that's a huge presumption and assumption." Wonder if Bill ever got outraged about how George Bush, whose grades weren't stellar, was able to get "legacy" preference for his Yale admision!

*"He holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and management from the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Higher and Post-Secondary Education and is nationally recognized in the areas of diversity, leadership and organizational change. He has served as a scholar in residence for the Association of American Colleges and Universities and recently published a monograph with the American Council on Education (ACE) titled "The Chief Diversity Officer: A Primer for Presidential Leadership."


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