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Fox News: The Equal Opportunity For White People Station

Reported by Ellen - September 17, 2011 -

Just a week after Sean Hannity and reporter Ainsley Earhardt went to bat for segregation in Westchester County, NY, The O’Reilly Factor made a point of demonizing affirmative action.

Bill O’Reilly’s guest for the segment was Linda Chavez, president of the oxymoronically-named Center for Equal Opportunity which is devoted to blocking “the expansion” of affirmative action and opposing multiculturalism. She's also a Fox News contributor, which speaks volumes about the '"fair and balanced" network's mindset.

For extra demonizing points, The Factor showed a group of Wisconsin students protesting (described as "disrupt(ing)") Chavez’ appearance at the school. Chavez blamed the university's Provost for Diversity for having “egged on” the students. O’Reilly immediately dismissed him as “a loon" because his title is Provost for "Diversity and Climate." O'Reilly seemed to think that meant the provost combined diversity with climate change. In fact, it's pretty clear from one look at the webpage that "climate" refers to a social climate.

Chavez said, "The main point is, Bill, that we are an organization that believes in color-blind, equal opportunity. We believe that you should not be judged by the color of your skin. You should not be discriminated against on that basis but you also should not be given preference."

Chavez said her group has studied admissions policies of schools in the U.S. and, in the latest study, discovered that white people are discriminated against at the University of Wisconsin. Or, as she put it, “Blacks and Hispanics are favored. Whites and Asians are unfavored.”

O’Reilly asked gravely, “How much advantage do (blacks and Hispanics) have?”

Suggesting that affirmative action is like cancer, Chavez compared a 14 times greater risk for lung cancer in smokers to the 576 times greater chance of a black person to get into the school than a white person. She went on to note, “The highest scoring students who were black and Hispanic actually scored lower than the lowest quartile of white and Asian students. So it’s a huge factor.”

O’Reilly was all ears. He accused the chancellors at the university of being “unrepentant.” That assumes, of course, they have something to be repentant about.

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