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News Blooper or Sabotage? Guest Blurts Out “Fox News Lies” On Fox

Reported by Aunty Em - September 16, 2011 -

One of the dangers of live tee vee is the news blooper, where something goes wrong and all they can do is move on. Until talk radio installed a delay button, putting someone on the air was always a dangerous proposition and sophomoric wags used that to their advantage, slipping in crazy or scatological references. Artist Jay Shells will forever be a folk hero for his actions on Fox “News” yesterday. He combined the two concepts above, using a live ‘in control room’ interview to say “Fox News Lies.”

It came in an interview on Happening Now (which isn’t a very happenin’ show, if the truth be known). Jay Shells was brought on to talk about his art project, which is posting signs in Manhattan that mimic official street signage, but with odd and interesting etiquette message on them like “Pull up your pants; No one wants to see your underwear” and “Clean up after your horse.” Everything was going fine until Jay said:

It’s ironic I am here actually. I was going to do a sign that said “Fox News Lies”—

[Jenna Lee gasps, then yells in exasperation] “Jay!”

But Jay doesn’t stop:

—and put that up, but it got bumped by the “Clean up after your horse,” so I couldn’t do it. So, I’m stuck with “clean up after your horse.” Not as popular, but I think it’s funnier.”


Video courtesy Media Matters

Who says there’s no truth being broadcast on Fox "News"? I wish I had been there to see how Shells was treated by Fox when the interview ended. [Write me, Jay.]

Watch the clip with this in mind: Obviously Shells planned to say this all along and waited for the perfect chance. When it looked like the interview was about to end, he knew it was time and just kept going despite the reaction of those around him. And, note the laughter in the control room. The techs get it, even if Jenna Lee is oblivious.