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Bill O'Reilly Admits That Fox News Has "Pro-Life" Bias

Reported by Priscilla - September 16, 2011 -

So much for the pretense that Fox "News" is "fair & balanced." Out of the mouth of none other than Bill O'Reilly came the admission that there is at least one bias for Fox News and one that I've often documented. It's no longer a matter for speculation. Fox News is, along with being "America's Newsroom," America's anti-choice newsroom. It's not surprising given that the Fox values that it promotes are those that square with the Vatican and the Christian right - both of which, in seeking to criminalize abortion and birth control, seek to take American women back to the days of fatal back alley abortions. But for "traditionalist" Catholic Bill O'Reilly, who mourns the demise of the male power structure, those were the good old days when women and their reproductive systems were controlled by the patriarchs who knew what was best for women. Ah, happy days. And now we know that Bill O'Reilly's crusade (or is it jihad?) against abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, which contributed to a climate of hate in which the good doctor was assassinated by a zealot who holds the same anti-choice philosophy that O'Reilly does, was all part of Fox News's "fight for the rights of the unborn" whose "rights," in the anti-choice community, take precedence over the rights of post-born women. Maybe the hate group, The Family Research Council, which gave Bill O'Reilly an award for his role in the "pro-life" attack on Tiller (and the women who utilized his services), could bestow the "Courage Award" on Fox News.

Yesterday, Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly discussed a case that, interestingly, the anti-choice community is using as an example of how the evil, librul, pro-choice Canadians don't value life. The case involves a woman whom the American anti-choice lobby thinks was given a light sentence for murdering her baby. That Bill would discuss this case was the first indication that he was doing his usual pander to his (and Fox's) anti-choice audience. But then, at the end of the discussion, which was about a child that had exited the birth canal, Bill provided the ultimate shout out to the Fox "News" audience with this bit of unexpected and honest non-sequitor:

"And that's why we fight so hard here for the rights of the unborn."

Comment: And that's why I and my fellow Americans who value the right of a woman to determine what is best for her body, fight for the reproductive rights of women whose rights should not be subordinated to the fetus - unlike a national "news" network which describes itself as "fair & balanced." Bill O'Reilly tells us that it's not. Thanks, Bill for finally admitting what we knew to be true. You certainly deserved that "Courage Award" and a few years off in Purgatory for your fight "for the rights of the unborn." Now if only you and Fox "News" could fight for the rights of the post born with as much zeal.


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