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Was The Five’s Greg Gutfeld Racist During Attack On POTUS?

Reported by Aunty Em - September 15, 2011 -

While The Five continues to be the worst show on tee vee, it wasn’t until lately a pattern within the program became apparent. It might have stayed secret had Bob Beckel not continuously complained during the program about the “process” of putting the show together. From his comments here’s what’s been gleaned so far: Clearly a ‘line up’ meeting is held earlier in the day which includes talent, producers, and (speaking from experience) most of the other people who work behind the scenes on the show except the techs (camera, sound & lights). Everyone pitches their ideas for segments on the show and they kick those ideas around. Since there are always more ideas than time, people argue for their personal favorites. The Fox “News” producers keep track, adding their own ideas and spin. The producers make the ultimate decision on what will go into the show, as they shape the contour of the show and then block out the individual segments. Once the line-up is locked, the talent are sent away to do whatever it is they do before show time. That’s where the pattern I mentioned comes in: While most of The Five appear to research the segments they know will come up, especially the ones they pitched at Line Up, Bob Beckel never seems to do any research. He appears to wing it. Consequently, four of The Five always have more facts at their fingertips than Beckel. Yet, no matter how much the other 4 have researched a topic, their knowledge on any segment (topic) only goes so far, because they can’t know everything about everything. Eventually one of them will have nothing intelligent left to say, but that won’t stop them. They are still not done trying to make points, so they start to vamp on a topic they know absolutely nothing about. And, that’s when they get into trouble. Yesterday it was Greg Gutfeld’s turn. Tell me if you don’t think Greg Gutfeld’s statement is just an teensy-weensy bit racist. It came in a discussion about the Democratic Party losing NY-9 and why President Obama might be losing the Jewish vote: Watch:

Video courtesy of Media Matters

GG: He [Obama] basically told Jews that they had to like—they had to do some soul searching about the [Mid East] conflict. He never would have said that to Muslim leaders and I think that’s insulting to Jews. I never understood how, how Jewish people can be liberal though. I don’t understand it. [Emphasis added]

Meanwhile, the GOP Special Victims Unit (Teabaggers, and the Right Wing) will play the Race Card whenever someone wonders how Blacks and/or Latinos can possibly be Republican or in the Tea Party. How is Gutfeld’s comment any different?

Furthermore, Jewish and Liberal are almost synonymous. If one were to make any sweeping generalization about Jews and politics, it would be that Jews overwhelmingly identify as Democrats and Liberal. This is not a recent phenomenon and, therefore, should come as no surprise to Greg Gutfeld. It’s a well-known fact to anyone who studied race relations in the ‘60s that American Jews were on the forefront of helping Blacks fight for their civil rights and that Jews even formed the NAACP. Wikipedia has a (quick and dirty) List of Jewish American activists, which includes a smaller section on Jewish Conservatives and neoconservatives.

However, what this off-hand comment indicates about The Five is that it was simply Greg Gutfeld’s turn to swim out past the depth of his knowledge and needed a life preserver to get back safely. More often than not it’s Beckel getting in over his head. However, there’s not a day that goes by that one of the others doesn’t fall off the life raft into deep subject matter where, suddenly, they’re just barely treading water. When this happens The Five only seems to be able to go one of two ways: Either they pull a fact out of their ass (Tanteros, Crowley, Gutfeld); or they repeat an old, already discredited, talking point (mostly Bolling and Gutfeld, but they all do it).

In short: The Five is a constant source of misinformation, opinion and rank prejudice; just another reason why The Five is the worst show on tee vee. It's almost a fact-free zone.