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Tell Congress And Rep. Issa: Hold Murdoch Accountable

Reported by Ellen - September 15, 2011 -

Earlier this week, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, assured told Fox News host Bret Baier that he would not investigate allegations that Fox’s parent company News Corp. hacked into 9/11 victims’ phones and/or violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This, despite the requests of Democratic Ranking Member Rep. Elijah Cummings along with other members of the Committee. Among Issa’s other excuses, he didn’t want to pick on any media. But Fox News has long worked in tandem with Issa so his refusal to investigate News Corp. comes as no surprise. That’s why public pressure is needed. Please join with us in supporting Free Press’ campaign to tell Congress: Hold Murdoch Accountable and sign a letter to Issa.

As Think Progress’ Lee Fang reported,

Issa’s (excuses for not investigating News Corp.) are laughable for several reasons. First, just because the Justice Department is already probing an issue never precludes the House Oversight Committee, charged with investigating matters in the interest of the American people, from conducting its own inquiry. Second, the 9/11 victims allegedly hacked by News Corp employees was not a foreign matter, as Issa said on Fox News. According to reports, the victims were living in the United States — making the concern all the more important for the Oversight Committee. And the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which News Corp allegedly broke by bribing British police, makes the matter a concern of American authorities. News Corp is also embroiled in another hacking scandal, one involving its American marketing division and its domestic competitors.

Finally, Issa says he would not want to investigate the many criminal accusations against News Corp because the company consists of media outlets, and Congress should never be “picking” on media. In reality, Issa has used his taxpayer-funded media team to harass the New York Times with largely empty charges of inaccuracy. News Corp has aided in the campaign, airing segments attacking the Times for criticizing Issa.

We’ve repeatedly noted how Fox and Issa work hand-in-hand in promoting anti-Obama agendas. In fact, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren did such a good job arguing on behalf of Issa one night that her Republican guest, Rick Santorum, told her she sounded like Issa. So it’s probably to be expected that Issa would be reluctant to investigate his BFF’s – especially when it might draw attention and resources away from looking for ways to bring down the Obama administration with such other scandals as Sestak-gate.

So speak out and let Issa know that News Corp., an American company, must be held accountable to American laws. You can sign the letter here.

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