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Megyn Kelly Calls Out Dr. Keith Ablow For Spreading "Hate"

Reported by Priscilla - September 15, 2011 -

Once again, Fox News' "Medical A-Team" member, Dr. Keith Ablow, took to the Fox airwaves in order to, once again, smear Chaz Bono and members of the transgender community. Once again, he peddled his bogus and bizarre argument that if a young person sees a gay or transgender person, s/he might want to "choose" (argument put forth by the religious right about sexual identity) to be gay or transgender. He even thought that he would have a receptive platform on, as he expressed it, the "home team." He couldn't have been any more wrong as Fox's Megyn Kelly showed, in her effective rebuttal to his revolting talking points, that she was willing and able to go beyond the parameters of the "home team." Credit goes to Ms. Kelly. Shame goes to Dr. Ablow.

Kelly read a section of Ablow's recent article in which he advised parents to not allow their children to watch "Dancing With the Stars" because of the presence of Chaz Bono who is transgender. She asked, point blank," if Ablow believed that kids would turn transgender if they watched the program. He blithered about "data" that shows that behavior is mimicked and added that "it's possible" that if a person has a sexual identity issue and sees somebody "who is celebrated" they would decide to emulate their sexual identity. Kelly questioned if allowing Bono to dance is celebrating him. Ablow said that on the web, Bono is being "touted as the second coming of Gandhi.

Kelly had the reality based information with which to rebut Ablow. She quoted the president of the American Psychiatric Association who said that there is no evidence of what Ablow is claiming and asked Ablow if he were being "irresponsible" by recommending that children not watch the show. If I were doing a virtual psych evaluation, a la Ablow, I would say that he is delusional as evidenced by his response that he is "protecting" children. He cited the work of a psychologist, *Paul McHugh, who said that transgender surgery is like liposuction. Kelly had the facts. She referenced how transgenderism is recognized by psychiatry and quoted someone recognized in the field, "unlike yourself," (OH, snap!) who has "taken issue" with Ablow whom he accused of being "irresponsible" and "the audience is entitled to accurate, scientific knowledge..." Ablow who likes "being with the home team," offered his "explanation." He trashed "organized psychiatry" as having decimated psychotherapy. He trashed the DSM, the cannon of psychotherapy (His critic is helping to develop the newest one) as having "spliced and diced" human experience. Kelly wanted to know if Ablow thought that he was more of an expert than the specialist she had quoted. He responded that "it's too simplistic" that the American Psychiatric Association "which embraced lobotomies" (They've evolved. Ablow hasn't) "has to be right about this issue."

When Kelly said that it was no more likely that kids would want to be transgender after seeing Chaz Bono than they would turn gay after watching Will & Grace, Ablow disagreed. He again cited how the "celebration" of Bono is "irresponsible." Considering that Kelly works for Fox News, her comment that "there is so much hate out there for gays, lesbians, and transgends," was ironic. Ablow looked smug when he said that there was hate toward lobotomies and he would have spoken out against them. (So transgender surgery is a lobotomy - the comparison couldn't be any more ludicrous.) I confess to cheering when Kelly said that Ablow is "adding to the hate" with his comparison of Bono, who "struggled mightily," to a zebra. His claim, that his comment on the Howard Stern show was misinterpreted, was belied by his comment that what he was saying was that if you tattooed a zebra on yourself, he wouldn't throw a rock but "take a rock" for you. "But if you ask me 'are you a zebra,' I'm going to say no." (Uh, he compared Bono to a zebra.) He added that if Bono asked him if he (Bono) were a man, he's day "no, brother." The interview ended.

Comment: First, Chaz Bono will not be asking the odious Dr. Ablow, who is not his "brother," anything. Second, Megyn Kelly was right on. There is too much hate and Ablow is spreading it. Not only did Kelly have hardball questions; but she had the facts to rebut the lunacy and insensitivity of Ablow's unsubstantiated "diagnosis," which, BTW, are being heralded by the Christian right who are also in a dither about DWTS. If Kelly keeps up this kind of professional reporting and hard hitting interviewing, her show could be shining example of what "real journalism, fair & balanced, is all about! Bravo, Ms. Kelly and Shame, Dr. Ablow.

*He didn't mention that McHugh was a culturally conservative Catholic who is known for defending priests against charges of child molestation. He argues that "gender variance is a lifestyle choice." In his attack on abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, Bill O'Reilly cited claims by McHugh that Tiller's records showed that women had abortions for frivolous reasons including wanting to go to concerts. McHugh, by then, had been ordered by the Attorney General of Kansas to stop making public statements about Tiller as if he had seen the records (dubious claim) he was bound by confidentiality to not disclose the contents. Figures that Ablow would cite somebody with as much disregard for professional standards as he has.

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