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Hannity Exploits Paul Krugman As An Excuse To Spew His Own Hatred For Americans

Reported by Ellen - September 14, 2011 -

As we’ve repeatedly posted, Fox News has used Paul Krugman’s recent blog post about the exploitation of 9/11 as little more than an excuse to attack Krugman and the usual liberal, Democratic targets. But Sean Hannity took the phony-patriot hypocrisy to new heights last night as he simultaneously blasted Krugman and then proved his own hatred for Americans seconds later.

During the Great American Panel segment last night, Hannity again brought up Krugman, saying that he accused George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani of “profiting, basically, off 9/11.”

“Does it get any more despicable from the left?” Hannity asked, “proving” what a patriot he is - by attacking Krugman..

Actually, it gets quite a bit more despicable on Fox from the right just about every day.

But then Hannity launched yet another attack on the Congressional Black Caucus’ comments about the Tea Party and asked, “Does it get any worse than that?”

Sadly, Judith Miller, the supposed liberal on the panel, gave Hannity a pass on his own hate-filled rhetoric.

But that wasn’t enough anti-Americanism for Hannity. He continued his bile, by playing the victim card. “There’s something happened to the left in this country where they’re pretty much unhinged and the media allows this to happen. The media doesn’t call them out as they would a conservative host that said the same thing… Discrimination?”

Miller sat there, smiling. Later, she complained about the politicization (by Krugman) of 9/11 while ignoring how Hannity had just used it to spread hatred of his fellow citizens.

I just don't understand why liberals and Democrats continue to allow Hannity and his fellow Fox Newsies to continually malign their fellow Americans so viciously and, at the same time, pose as patriots.

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