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Fox Nation Says Paul Krugman Is "Hateful"

Reported by Priscilla - September 13, 2011 -

MSNBC doesn't have anything analogous to Fox Nation. But if it did, can you imagine the howls of outrage from Fox"News" talking heads if said hypothetical website had headlines with negative adjectives in front of the names of those whose opinions they are trashing. For instance, if they were linking to an article about a contributor to the Fox News opinion page, they could refer to homophobic Cal Thomas or unprofessional Dr. Keith Ablow and so forth. That's exactly what Fox Nation did with its headline about Paul Krugman who recently wrote an article about how 9-11 has become a "wedge issue." He was proven correct in that yesterday's Fox News Krugman bash-a-palooza (Here, Here, Here) was just another way for Fox to drive a wedge between "real" Merkuns and those nasty, librul elites at the nasty, librul NY Times. But Fox Nation is different, right? No hateful stuff there. It's all about being "committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news." Yet, they title their Krugman thread "Hateful Krugman Responds to 9-11 Controversey" which suggests - er - a certain lack of objectivity which kinda cuts into that "fair & balanced" thingie. Maybe the Fox Nation headline writer hasn't read the Fox Nation "statement of purpose" - ya think!


Some loving Fox Nation comments about Jane Fonda


It's not just Krugman who doesn't "allow freedom of expression."


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