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On Fox & Friends: Zuhdi Jasser Blames American Muslims For Terror Threats

Reported by Priscilla - September 11, 2011 -

In its report, "Fear Inc," the Center for American Progress finds that Fox News is part of the "Islamophobia Network" in that it provides those who incite fear and loathing of Islam and Muslims with a national public platform. It mentions Dr. Zuhdi Jasser as a "validator" for the anti-Islamic hate mongers in that he validates and authenticates "manufactured myths about Muslims and Islam" while speaking as a "moderate" Muslim. The ink on the report was hardly dry before Jasser, the head of a one man organization devoted to fighting "Islamofascism" and, along with Islamopohobes Frank Gaffney and Daniel Pipes is a member of the anti-Muslim Clarion Fund, appeared on Fox & Friends to smear the Muslim American Society. (Pam Geller, head of an Islamophobic hate group among other things cited in the CAP report was also warmly received, last Thursday, by Steve Doocy) Yesterday, as part of Fox's "Remembering 9-11" coverage, he made an appearance in which he continued his Muslim bashing. But given that Fox "News" has provided air time for African-American Jesse Lee Peterson to bash his fellow blacks, it's not surprising that they have a Muslim who performs a similar function in their "house."

Alysin Camerota asked Jasser a very interesting question; i.e. how has life, for American Muslims, changed since 9-11. Jasser said that Middle Eastern Muslims have taken responsibility for "their own condition;" yet American Muslims have been protected from that because of political correctness, because of victimization, and because of so many of the groups that claim to speak for our behalf that are basically Muslim front groups. (On his previous appearance on Fox & Friends he suggested that the Muslim American Society of being such a front.) But they've avoided the discussion and now you're seeing, ten years later, other groups, diverse voices coming up and saying that we want to take responsibility...this is about countering the ideology that fuels radicalization and the reason why we're less secure today than we've ever been is that we have yet to muster a significant response from the Muslim community." (Hey Dr. Z - CAIR speaks for a lot more Muslims than you do. In fact, you really don't speak for Muslims but for those who hate them.) He said the reasons are related to "victimization" and "collectivism" that results in denial and added that "reform" groups haven't established themselves. He admonished his fellow Muslims to not "blame America" but to "take responsibility for our own clerics and our own mosques..." He noted that while most American Muslims are peaceful, "we have to work on reform." Without admitting that the US armed those who became Al Qaeda, he cited how it is an ideology of hatred (Oh, the irony!) and that it is up to Muslims to "lead the fight" against it. He didn't mention that "of the terrorist plots where researchers have been able to identify a tip that was responsible for foiling them, about one-third of those tips originated from the Muslim American community."

Jasser said that America was built on a separation of church and state and that Muslims have to separate mosque and state. (ROFLMAO the "victimized" right wing Christians don't believe that there is a separation of church and state!) He advised Muslims to "relish" being Americans first and Muslims second. (The chyron asked if Muslim American sentiment still exists but Jasser wasn't touching that one. In examining the coverage of Islamic issues on Fox, the answer is "hell, yeah!") He urged his fellow Muslims to fight against the Islamists in "our own community" and "not be in denial that we're being attacked because we're Muslim." Camerota thanked him for his "expertise." (Fact Check - he has no political or academic expertise. He is a physician.)

Comment: The CAP report says that Jasser "promotes conspiratorial claims that America is infiltrated by radical Muslims" and that Jasser "repeats Frank Gaffney’s assertions that mainstream Muslim groups are fronts for Islamist groups wishing to advance Sharia and political Islam within America." Based on his commentary during this segment, they are spot on. He could have mentioned the mosque vandalism and hate crimes committed against Muslims. He could have mentioned the virulent Islamophobia connected to the protests against the "Ground Zero Mosque." He could have mentioned the Islamophobia that is given affirmation on Fox News. Oh, wait he's part of that "Islamophobia Network" that's enabled by the Fox "News" network. Never mind...


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