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In Validating Pam Geller's Radical Islamophobia, Steve Doocy Validates "Fear, Inc?"

Reported by Priscilla - September 10, 2011 -

The Center for America Progress' recently released report, titled "Fear, Inc," is about the American cottage industry of fomenting fear and loathing of Muslims. They define this hate mongering "Islamophobia Network" as a small, tightly networked group of misinformation experts guiding an effort that reaches millions of Americans through effective advocates, media partners, and grassroots organizing." According to the report, one of the key figures in this fear of "creeping Sharia" group is Pamela Geller who, with fellow Islamophobe Robert Spencer, founded the SPLC designated hate group, "Stop Islamization of America." She was a prime mover in the Fox News enabled protest against the NY Islamic Cultural Center and deeply involved in a child custody case involving a Muslim girl who converted to Christianity and ran away from home to live with evangelical Christians - a case for which Fox provided abundant, biased coverage. Her blog, "Atlas Shrugged" is a repository for the fear of Sharia groupthink. As noted in the CAP report, Fox News is part of the Islamophobia network in that it provides a ready stage for those who promote the fear and loathing of Islam, including Geller who condemned the CAP report as "a pile of dung masquerading as research." Yet, in a striking real time example of the accuracy of this report, Ms. Geller appeared on last week's Fox & Friends in order to promote - wait for it - her trademark Islamophobia. (And the bonus of bashing the NY Times) And underscoring Fox's role in enabling her toxic views was Steve Doocy who agreed with everything she said. Don't ya love the smell of Fox News Islamophobia in the morning - the real pile of dung!

Lat Thursday, the Islamophobia began immediately when Roger Ailes "lackey" Steve Doocy said that "you've probably heard of Sharia, the Muslim justice system that says, among other things that beating your wife is OK." (Nice simple lesson in Sharia sure to get ya scared!). But it's brilliant propaganda on the level of saying that Catholicism says that you're going to hell if you get a divorce. In other words a distortion of reality. Doocy continued to lie: "The NY Times says we should embrace Sharia law." (It doesn't). Doocy introduced Geller as "a conservative blogger" and author of a book which is just another Islamophobic screed, "Stop the Islamization of America" (The name of her hate group!)

Doocy mentioned how some states are putting together laws to ban Sharia because they feel it's "dangerous" but a "guy" from the NY Times is saying "don't be afraid of it." Geller brayed about "the spread of Sharia." She claimed that the NY Times author used a "spurious analogy" (big phrase for a Fox & Friends audience!) between Jewish law and Sharia as there is "no compulsion in Jewish and cannon law." (Wrong, if you don't follow Catholic cannon law, you're doing that sin thing) She claimed that Sharia law is degrading to women. (Unlike how the religious right want to roll back women's reproductive and gay rights?) Doocy said "he didn't bring any of that stuff up." When she mentioned the Sharia death penalty, Doocy said "sure." The chyron reinforced the "creeping Sharia" - "Promoting Sharia Law in US, NY Times Says Don't Fear Sharia Law in US." (And this is wrong, how?) Doocy read a section of the article which, correctly, said that the "crusade against Sharia undermines American democracy..." A moment of irony with this Geller gem: "It's an authoritative political system based on dominance and the subjection of non-Muslims" (And right wing Christianity isn't based on dominance and the subjection of women and gays?)

She must have made Bill O'Reilly smile when she described the paper as "uber left" that "enjoys the control of the people." (ROFLMAO - unlike Fox "News?") She continued to blither about the danger of Sharia. Doocy said "I know it." (Uh, you don't know jack!) She worked in the old conservative victimization thing with her statement that anybody in the US that criticizes Sharia is "marginalized." (Not on Fox "News!") Doocy brought some happy news that federal funding was denied for the "so called Ground Zero Mosque." (He actually used "so called!") She claimed that "the American people" fought the "mosque" and "we won." (No, it's still being planned) She exhorted the audience to buy her book if they want "to fight the Islamization of America." Doocy said "very good." The segment closed by combining an attack on the NY Times with fear of Sharia: "Islamic Law and the US, Is the NY Times Promoting Sharia."

Comment: Got Islamophobia, Fox News does!

Note - Media Matters has a piece which debunks Geller's interpretation of Sharia. Also, a the "Church Lady" would say, "isn't it special that Fox contributor, Dick Morris spearheaded a petition drive to deny federal funding to Park 51.

Attire worn at a rally organized by Geller where Geller was the keynote speaker.


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