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Mike Huckabee Hearts Homophobic Hater

Reported by Priscilla - September 8, 2011 -

When Mike Huckabee was asked by Alan Colmes about palling around with nasty bigot Byron Fisher of the homophobic and Islamophobic hate group, the American Family Association, Huckabee said he didn't know nothing bout Fisher's lengthy record of hateful rhetoric even though the Huck has appeared on Fisher's radio show a bunch of times. (Maybe they just talk about Jesus and not those evil gays!) Just yesterday, Huckabee went on Fisher's hate radio to discuss his upcoming appearance as the keynote speaker at a "Personhood Mississippi" event. (Zygots are people, too!) At one point Huckabee said that he was "delighted" to "stand with courageous leaders" such as the AFA's Don Wildmon who is supporting this newest crusade (or is it jihad) by the religious right (or is it the American Taliban). Correct me if I'm wrong; but I doubt that any of the "far" lefties in the "lamestream media" take pride in associating with hate groups unlike radical right wing hate groupie Mike Huckabee.

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