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Mike Huckabee Pimps & Defends His History Videos

Reported by Priscilla - September 7, 2011 -

Before Mike Huckabee sold himself as a gubernatorial candidate, he sold evangelical Christianity. That he hasn't lost that old time snake oil sales pitch was abundantly clear on his Saturday show, during which Minister/Governor/Fox host Huckabee provided a sales pitch for his new history DVD series which some have described as a vehicle for right wing propaganda. In the series, some time traveling kids get to see Ronald Reagan in all his sainted glory as well as meet up with a scary, African-American mugger wearing a "Disco" t-shirt. We all know that black muggers and disco were the beginning of the demise of American as we know it and we certainly know that Ronald Reagan sat at the right hand of the father - "real" history for "real" Merkuns?

During the segment, Huckabee talked about how today's kids don't know history and how his co-founder, a former Wall Street financier, Brad Saft, loves history so much that he was inspired to join with Huckabee in this venture. Huckabee played a clip from the WWII video which critics have said does not include a reference to FDR. They talked about how poor Huck was criticized for his 9-11 video without mentioning that the criticism was from a 9-11 first responder and the father of a 9-11 victim. Huck said that he's just trying to help kids understand 9-11. Huck and Brad discussed how awesome the 9-11 video is; but critics have pointed out that there is no mention of Obama's role in the capture of OBL and no mention that the US (under St. Ronald) armed the very folks who attacked us. But hey, Huck is trying to teach history "in a positive way." Of course, if you check out the website you'll see that the added bonus is that Huckabee aims to "recognize and celebrate faith, religion and the role of God in America's founding and making our country the greatest place on Earth. Our videos are non-denominational in nature and can be enjoyed by families with diverse religious beliefs."

Comment: Real history for real Merkuns from a real "huckster?"

Oh, and I wonder how Huck's history will treat the financial crisis of 2008 brought about, in part, by Wall Street hedge fund types like Brad Saft?


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