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Gretchen Carlson Mocks Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims As "Fringe Groups"

Reported by Priscilla - September 7, 2011 -

There can be no doubt that the Christian gang on the curvy couch promotes one religion and that is Christianity. But the Christianity that they defend and proselytize is right wing Christianity with an emphasis on victimized right wing evangelicals who are the movers and shakers of today's GOP. Despite Fox being the newsroom for a religiously diverse America, there are no liberal Protestants or Jewish rabbis who make regular appearances on Fox. It should go without saying that there is no Muslim clergy presence on Fox which makes sense given Fox's anti-Muslim orientation. Their only official religious "correspondent" is a Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris, who appears frequently on Fox to validate whatever right wing meme is presented. And despite their very public Christianity, the Fox "Friends" have absolutely no problem bearing false witness against anybody or anything that they deem anathema. Such was the case this morning when the three Jesus BFF's, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade attacked the leadership of the Episcopalian National Cathedral as a result of a complaint by - wait for it - the very conservative Southern Baptist Convention. Once again, Fox & Friends enhanced their reputation as the place for persecuted Christians. No liberal "PC" Christians need apply.

The newest phony outrage in the right wing Christian community is about how no evangelicals have been invited to Sunday's 9-11 Memorial Service, "A Call to Compassion," at Washington's National Cathedral. The Southern Baptist Convention is especially incensed because the service will include, along with some Episcopalian clergy, representatives from the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim faith communities. (There will be no Catholic representative; but so far, they're not whining about it.) President Obama will not be attending the service. He will, however, be attending an evening concert. But because the Baptists feel left out, they're asking that Obama not attend the concert. As the mouthpiece for the religious right, Fox News is on it. On the Fox News website there is an article by Fox News culture clubber Todd Starnes and this morning, the Christian curvy couch crew was just full of righteous Christian indignation.

As the chyron read "Evangelicals Not Invited, Baptists Also Shut Out of 9-11 Service," former Miss America and uber Christian Gretchen Carlson reported that President Obama will be at Sunday's 9-11 "Call to Compassion" which she described as an interfaith prayer vigil from all denominations. (Wrong, the service she referenced is in the morning. Obama will be at the evening "Concert of Hope"). She added, incredulously, that there will be a Buddhist nun "which we didn't even existed." (Can't expect a Stanford grad to know bout them, thar heathens). Catholic Kilmeade joked "it's heartening to know they do." The chyron reinforced the faux Fox "outrage" about no clergy at the NY 9-11 Memorial: "Another 9-11 Snub, Evangelicals Not Invited to National Cathedral." After she mentioned that an Imam (she enunciated the word) would be present, she dramatically said that one religious group with a large presence "has not been asked." Doocy did his "words in mouth" thing regarding the Southern Baptists saying: "ya know what, we're being excluded and we would like the president not to attend." (Nice method of re-framing the message) After Doocy read the list of clergy, he joked that "they were just checking things off" and whined that there's no Catholic. Gretch chortled when Kilmeade "joked" that "maybe the Muslim musician can play a Catholic song."

On cue, Gretch sighed and went into her standard "I hate political correctness" speech. "Does this talk a little bit about too much political correctness in our society? (She chuckled). Sorry, I'm just gonna say it. I mean if you're gonna include all these really sort of fringe groups. I don't know how many Buddhist nuns there are in the US; but there are more Baptists than there are Buddhists nuns. So if you're really gonna try to be inclusive for everyone and abide by this whole PC (she spit the word out) culture that we live in now, you would think (she's shouting now) that you would include a big population of our country." Kilmeade "joked" about how you could fit the population of Buddhist nuns in a phone booth.

Comment: I know that Fox & Friends is exempt from the Fox "fair & balanced" thing; but in the interests of responsible communication, they a) could have provided acurate information (Obama is not going to the vigil) and b) could have quoted the cathedral Communications Director who said “We certainly aim to appeal to as many in the country as possible and feel that our events are not any one slice that could ever represent the entire country" and noted that Christians are represented by Episcopal clergy. (Right wing Christians think the pro-choice, gay affirming Episcopal Church is as bad as Islam) He also described the evening concert as secular. But the main thing is that this is an Episcopalian church and they have the right to set up a memorial as they see fit. But leave it to Jesus' BFF's at Fox & Friends to turn this into another venue for hate thy neighbor.

BTW, it's this kind of victimized Christian bullshit that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is avoiding. Can you imagine the howls of Christian indignation if, to represent the Protestants, (as was suggested by various Fox guests) an Episcopalian priest, perhaps maybe a gay one, were selected for the NY 9-11 Memorial! Saints preserve us!


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