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Another Islamophobic Fox Nation Headline?

Reported by Priscilla - September 7, 2011 -

As I've often noted, when right wing Christians whine about how the godless libruls are being nasty to Jesus' BFF's, they invariably whine about how those these godless libruls aren't being nasty to Muslims who are obviously getting preferential treatment. While Fox News provides validation and promotion of anti-Muslim memes and those who support these memes, poor, persecuted Christians claim that Christianity is the only religion that's being singled out for unfair treatment. As I reported, the evangelicals have their clean, Christian, and very heterosexual panties in a wad because those godless (and gay loving) Episcopalian clergy at the National Cathedral didn't invite them to be part of their Sunday morning 9-11 memorial "Call to Compassion" vigil. Not surprisingly, Fox Nation, the Fox hate site devoted to "those opposed to intolerance," linked to the Fox News article about the latest bogus Christian "outrage." And not surprisingly, these paragons of tolerance conflated the trademark Fox Christian whine with the trademark meme of Muslims getting special treatment in the headline, "National Cathedral Invites Muslims But Not Evangelicals To 9-11 Service" - just like they did with their classic headline about how Mayor Bloomberg hates Christians while loving that "Ground Zero Mosque." Once again, the Fox Nation shows its true colors as a non-inclusive place for those who revel in their base bigotry. But it's a Christian nation so it's all good....Jesus and me and the hell with thee - specially if yer a Mooselim!


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