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Gretchen Carlson Validates Dr. Zuhdi Jasser's Attack On Muslim American Society

Reported by Priscilla - September 6, 2011 -

In its report, "Fear, Inc.,The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in the United States," Fox News is cited as a place where those promoting Islamophobia have a comfortable platform from which to advance their bigotry. Zuhdi Jasser, the president of a seeming one man organization devoted to fighting Islamofascism, "The American Islamic Forum for Democracy," is mentioned as one of the "validators" in the "Network" as his claim to have inside knowledge of radical Islam allows him to "validate and authenticate manufactured myths about Muslims and Islam." As such, it isn't surprising that he makes frequent appearances on Fox News where he frequently bashes the Council on American Islamic Relations and any other group or individual whom "the network" has identified as suspect, including President Obama who is seen by the Islamophobes as "pandering" to Islamic groups. As noted in the report, he "dangerously and incorrectly labels mainstream Muslim American organizations as subversive, disloyal proponents of a radical-Islam takeover." Fox "News" has allowed him air time to support the Islamophobic/Fox News attacks on the "Ground Zero Mosque." He validated GOP Rep. King's hearing on American Muslim "radicalization." And last week he was back to play the fear of radical Islam card in smearing the Muslim American Society on Fox's morning show for "coffee, smiles, fear, and terror."

The discussion, hosted by Gretchen Carlson, centered on a recent conflict at a Westchester County amusement park over Muslim women being banned for safety reasons from certain rides because of their head scarves. Tempers flared and there was an altercation between the police and some Muslim youths who were arrested. CAIR accused the police of engaging in excessive force. The deputy commissioner of the County Parks Department said that the Muslim American Society, which organized the outing, had been told about the hijab ban. Enter Dr. Jasser to opine on the issue.

Gretch framed the propaganda right away with the description of the conflict as a "wild brawl." She said "more than a dozen people were arrested." (Actually, only 13 but saying more than a dozen leaves it open). She asked Jasser "if safety comes first" and noted that all headgear is prohibited on the park's rides. Jasser did his moderate Muslim shtick when he said that many in his family wear the hijab. So far so good. But then he did his duty to defend those who are defending us from "radical" Islam. He claimed that there is no evidence that Muslims were discriminated against. Then came the smears with his comment about as a person who wants Muslims to "assimilate in a free society," he "looks at groups like the Muslim American Society and see the way these youth react." He accused the society of "conditioning their youth to react viscerally and inappropriately" He claimed that this group has "been discussed as being a Muslim brotherhood front group by the Chicago Tribune." He accused them of creating a melee and "calling in ambulance chasing civil rights groups" He said "this has to stop."

Gretch read the park headgear statement. She said that Jews have to remove their yarmulkes and "if everyone starts creating an uprising, we'll have mass chaos." Jasser suggested that this "visceral reaction" was seen as acceptable and asserted that "as a devout Muslim, this is an un-Islamic behavior" from a group that prides itself on its tradition. He accused the group of trying to get "special privileges" and "pushing their values on others." Gretch did read a statement from the Muslim American Society which claimed that some of the group were not aware of the rules. She expressed "appreciation" for Jasser's "point of view."

Comment: Once again, Fox & Friends takes "a tempest in a teapot" and elevates it to suit their anti-Islam propaganda meme. Not only did Jasser get to scold the Muslim American society for not being, as he is, a good Muslim; but he also, in a not so subtle manner, included what appeared to be "evidence" that the Muslim American Society is a "front" for the radical "Muslim Brotherhood." The actual 2004 article is a history of the Muslim American Society which is an offshoot of the more radical group. The article provides different perspectives of the somewhat secretive group and notes that while the group is being investigated, no terrorism charges (as of the publication) had been filed. The group also does a lot of charity work but Jasser didn't mention that. The audience was left with one piece of information that contained no further context other than accusations that the Muslim American Society is encouraging lawlessness by Muslims who aren't as "devout" and "moderate" as Jasser whose devotion and moderation allows him to be used by those who hate Islam. Nice.


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