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Fox & Friends Promote Radical Right Wing Christian "Patriot" Website "Unite the USA"

Reported by Priscilla - September 6, 2011 -

Despite the weeping and gnashing of teeth on the part of outraged conservative Christians, regarding his decision to continue the tradition of having no clergy at the 9-11 anniversary memorial services, Mayor Michael Bloomberg remains resolute in his decision. But that doesn't stop Fox "News" from continuing their "outrage" about their manufactured "controversy." This morning's Fox & Friends continued the propaganda with a new twist. They featured a Christian "prayer team" who are protesting by praying. They seemed to be such sweet lil Christians who just want to unite the country in Christian prayer. But the reality is that they are the founders of a group which, like Fox "News," promotes the divisiveness of nativism, homophobia, and general intolerance of those who say that God is on their side. And as the "Church Lady" would say, "isn't that special" that Fox & Friends is here to promote their group, "Unite the USA." You just can't make this stuff up - whoops, it's Fox "News" so all bets are off!

Clayton Morris reported that Mayor Bloomberg "decided" that there would be no clergy and that, according to Juliette Huddy, has people "fired up." (Brilliant agitprop - there is no mention that Bloomberg's decision is consistent with past practice. The issue is "framed" as one eliciting outrage. No mention is made that the only outrage is from right wing Christians who, as we see, are inflamed by Fox News). Their two guests (making a second appearance on Fox & Friends), wearing red, white, and blue, were introduced. Stacie Ruth Stoelting said that they want to unite the country by loving God and praying. As such, she and her prayerful sister have formed "Unite the USA." In keeping with the Roger Ailes approved script she described the prayer team as having been formed in response to the "ban" on prayer at the memorial. (Brilliant agitprop - a "ban" is different from not being invited). She said that people were praying ten years ago, "so why not pray now?" As the agitprop chyron read "Without a Prayer, Religious Leaders Left Out of 9/11Event," Clayton Morris claimed that churches were "full" after 9-11. (Uh, and he knows that how?) To Morris' comment that Bloomberg wants the emphasis to be on the families, Carrie Beth Stoelting responded that prayer "sustained" the families and the country as "we all turned to God." (Not all of us, Carrie!) Stacie thanked Huddy for asking about how folks could join their movment as the chyron read "Giving God a Hand, Prayer Team to Unite the USA for 9-11." Stacie provided the address for the website. According to the chyron, "Bloomberg Needs a Prayer." Stacie Ruth said that "it's not about hate, it's about unity." She exhorted the folks to turn to God and not turn our backs to him. Morris exhorted folks to check out their website.

Comment: So American "unity" rests on Christian prayer? Who knew? And Unite the USA? Really? Hard to imagine that these Iowa women, who are friends with Islamophobic, homophobic, right wing radical conservative GOP Steve King want to unite the USA under anything but Christian "sharia." Their website has a piece, by King, about defunding Planned Parenthood. Hard to imagine that a website that has an article by former GOP Senator Rick Santorum about how "multiculturalism threatens America," wants to unite the USA under anything but a white, native born America. Hard to imagine that a website that touts extremists like Phyllis Schlafly, Tim Wildmon (gays are Nazi domestic terrorists), Rick Santorum, Chuck Colson, as "patriots" will ever unite the USA under anything but a heterosexual America. Unite the USA? You've got to be kidding? But this is Fox & Friends, which provides faith and fellowship for Christian radicals (while having denounced Rev. Wright as an extremist) as part of its mission from God. God bless America, indeed!

Oh, and BTW, in order to join "Unite the USA," you must be a citizen of the US and agree to their mission statement:

"Unite the USA encourages positive patriotism. Founded by Carrie and Stacie Stoelting, Unite the USA banishes harsh words aimed at individuals and encourages Americans to take action to protect our God-given rights. As a Christian web site, Unite the USA encourages Americans to unite in the fight for our rights - especially Christian rights such as returning God to the public square. We hope to activate the post-9/11 generation to become positive patriots of faith"

"Unite the USA?" ROFLMAO


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