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Steve Doocy Is "With" Foreign" (Not Sharia?) Law Fighting GOP State Rep

Reported by Priscilla - September 5, 2011 -

The esteemed historian, Richard Hofstadter, wrote a book about "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" back in 1964 when the right wing supporters of GOP presidential candidate were, as noted by Hofstadter, fomenting fear and anger. Flash forward to the 21st century and not much as changed except the cast of right wing characters. The newest right wing paranoia, aimed at fomenting fear and anger, is the fear of "creeping Sharia" - i.e. the fear that Muslims are attempting to foist their religiously based law on the United States in order to undermine us as a nation. (Never mind that the Christian right, far more numerous, are trying to foist their extremist Christianity on American law!) As noted by Think Progress, there has been a rash of anti-Sharia laws that have been submitted in a number of state legislatures. They are all based on model legislation written by an anti-Islamic activist, David Yerushalmi. But in order to get around the accusation that he's targeting Islam, GOP Michigan representative Dave Agema's law doesn't mention Sharia. Instead it targets "foreign law." A close examination of his bill shows that it's very similar to the "model" legislation. But as spun by Fox "friend" Steve Doocy, it's just fine; and as such, those uppity Michigan Muslims, who have been vociferous in the criticism of the legislation, are wrong. No Sharia here. The saying about "if it walks like a duck..." comes to mind. Quack, Quack.

Doocy reported that "a national push against citing foreign laws has reached the state of Michigan which has the largest concentration of Muslims in our nation." As the chyron read, "American Laws for Courts. New Michigan Law Would Overrule Foreign Law," Doocy repeated, word for word, a statment from the right wing Washing Times: "Critics say the bill is a veiled attack on Sharia Law." (Brilliant - Doocy immediately gives the impression that those Muslims who are critical of the law want Sharia.) However, as shown by the video of Democratic MI State Rep, Rashida Tlaib, who cited how this bill is"targeting a community and casting suspicion on them," it's about xenophobia. Doocy explained that his guest, the bill's sponsor, says that it has nothing to do with Islam. GOP Rep. Dave Agema claimed that his bill "targets foreign law that's against our Constitution." To Doocy's question of whether this has occured, Agema claimed that this "has happened in 50 cases in 23 states, 2 have passed it through the house and that four states have passed laws while 19 other states are looking at similar legislation." He alleged that this has "nothing to do with targeting a particular religion" and that the bill "clarifies" public policy. Doocy asked how Agema responds to charges of racism. Agema repeated that the bill doesn't mention Muslim or Sharia. It tells judges to use federal and state constitution. He added "if people want to change our laws, they will be upset about bill." (That means you, Muslims)

Doocy provided the unofficial Fox validation: "This is not some far fetched idea. it sounds like it's good a really good opportunity of passing and four states have already enacted this kind of legislation." Doocy said "right' when Agema accused "progressive judges" of making decisions based on foreign law. After Ageema said that our laws should be based on our constitution, Doocy said "I'm with ya on that.

Comment: Once again, we have an example of how Fox News programs misinform the audience. Not noted by Doocy or Agema is that only Tennessee and Oklahoma have passed these types of laws. The Oklahoma law has been blocked by a judge who is reviewing it to see if it violates Constitutional religious freedom. Tennessee's law was amended due to charges, from the Muslim community, of racism. Agema gave the impression that there were 50 situations in which foreign law prevailed. However, "Christine Brim, a spokeswoman for the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., said her group has identified 50 cases that could be influenced by Sharia. Most involved divorce or child custody and one was in Michigan." So it hasn't happened but it "could." Big difference. Religious law is used in cases where both parties agree to it and (major point) if it doesn't conflict with US law which, according toArticle VI of the Constitution, is the law of the land. But you needn't worry about creeping Sharia because the GOP will pass laws preventing it. However, in Michigan, the word "Sharia" will be omitted just so no smarty pants libruls and Muslims will complain. No Sharia here, wink, wink.

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