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Fox Nation Allows "C Word" Comment

Reported by Priscilla - September 5, 2011 -

Fox Nation is "for those opposed to intolerance" but you wouldn't know that if you read the comments on threads that are designed to foster divisiveness and hatred. One of the top threads is link to a Daily Mail article about Jane Fonda. Obviously, the name Jane Fonda elicits a right wing Pavlovian response which is frequently a frothing diatribe about how she is a librul traitur by those who had no problem with innocent Vietnamese being killed by the forces of American imperialism - a policy which resulted in the deaths of too many American soldiers in a futile war. Anyway, check out the Fox Nation comments which don't seem to be from those who oppose intolerance - but then base bigotry (and in this case, base misogyny) is really what Fox Nation is all about. BTW, my husband and his fellow draftees loved Jane Fonda - as opposed to the Jesus loving residents of Fox Nation who, forty years after the fact, are still wallowing in the hatred and ignorance that Fox Nation specializes in!


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