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Stossel: The Air Is Clean Enough (Where I Live)!

Reported by Guest Blogger - September 4, 2011 -

By Brian

Your World discussed President Obama's reversal on clean air regulations Friday (9/2/11) by trotting out libertarian John Stossel for the foregone conclusion that no more regulations are needed. Stossel proclaimed, "Thank goodness for the EPA. The air and water are cleaner than they used to be. Remember what it was like in New York? You couldn't open the window, black soot would come in. They passed those rules... Stop already!"

What Stossel didn't note are the costs of dirty air that are still being felt by many in this country, especially those with asthma and lung disease. This is what we'd expect from Stossel. But what's Cavuto's excuse?

New Jersey's Star-Ledger notes in a scathing editorial that also included a photo of the Manhattan skyline obscured by smog in July, 2010:

Safer smog standards would have saved as many as 4,300 lives and avoided as many as 2,200 heart attacks every year, advocates say. Cleaner air cuts down on missed work days, emergency room visits and hospital stays, saving billions in public health costs.

And despite all the alarmist talk from lobbyists about today’s fragile economy, the compliance costs wouldn’t have kicked in for several years, at the earliest.

Don’t forget the Clean Air Act also creates jobs.

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