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Bill O'Reilly Hearts RomneyCare

Reported by Ellen - September 4, 2011 -

On Thursday (9/1/11), Bill O'Reilly hosted an activist from FreedomWorks to discuss the organization's planned protest against Mitt Romney. But almost immediately, O'Reilly turned the discussion into a debate about RomneyCare, with O'Reilly passionately defending the measure.(and then saying there's an argument both ways). O'Reilly lauded the legislation for making sure that 96% of Massachusetts residents are insured (and compared that to 75% in TX) and only raising premiums a small amount. O'Reilly said at the start that he opposes ObamaCare but never said why. Could it be because O'Reilly's supporting Romney over Obama? Just guessing here but it's hard to see how someone could argue so strongly on behalf of RomneyCare and yet be against ObamaCare - unless you're Romney, himself.

Here's the video. Let us know your thoughts in the comments thread.

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