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Fox & Friends Continues Bogus Bloomberg "Mosque" Link To "Outrage" Over No 9-11 Memorial Clergy Participation

Reported by Priscilla - September 2, 2011 -

As America's fair & balanced Islamophobic enabling (see Center for American Progress Report) Christian news outlet, Fox "News" never wastes an opportunity to advance the cause of Christians who are persecuted and Muslims who are being given preference by the "secular" powers that be. Thus, Mayor Bloomberg's decision to continue the tradition of not inviting clergy to the 9-11 anniversary ceremony was a propaganda bonanza for Fox News which provided intensive "coverage" of this Fox invented "outrage." Not only did it present an opportunity to push the victimized Christian trope; but it also provided for some Bloomberg bashing and the chance to remind viewers about last year's Fox/NY Post/Pam Geller manufactured "outrage" over the so called "Ground Zero Mosque." That a zoning issue has nothing to do with the clergy "outrage" matters not to Fox which, from the opening salvo on Fox Nation, reminded folks about the mosque connection.(Here, Here, Here.) Official Fox "news" anchor, Martha MacCallum was unabashedly supportive of clergy participation in the memorial, which has never included clergy. And for maximum propaganda effect, Bloomberg is accused of supporting those evil atheists. This morning, Fox & Friends continued to flog this story which, so far, hasn't moved that evil "secular" Mayor Bloomberg who just hates Christians and loves Muslims and atheists. The beat goes on, the beat goes on....

Dave Briggs reported that clergy are "not welcome at event." (So if you don't get invited to your cousin's wedding, you're "not welcome?") He played a tape of Mayor Bloomberg explaining why not everybody can be part of the service. Briggs added that Bloomberg, less than a year ago, supported a "mosque and community center" being built "just steps away from Ground Zero." (It's two blocks away) His two guests were NY Councilman and New Life pastor, Fernando Cabrera (back for a second Fox & Friends appearance) and religious right leader Rev. Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptist Decision. Land, was outraged and claimed that clergy were available after the 9-11 attack. The chyron worked in the perfunctory "mosque" reference with a bonus point for an atheist reference: "Clergy Left Out of 9-11 Event, But Bloomberg Defends WTC Mosque and Atheists." Land said that Bloomberg "is blinded by his secularism."

Briggs referenced how Bloomberg wants to "keep the focus on the family" and asked Cabrera if that's what he, too, wants. Cabrera said that prayer is still helping the families and that prayer is "part of our American history." To Briggs comment about how those who agree with Bloomberg (including a rabbi) say that it would be difficult to accommodate all religions, Land said that it would be just fine if only four clergy were in attendance: a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi, a Protestant clergyperson, and a Muslim imam. (So which Protestant denomination gets preference? There are both liberal and very conservative Protestants. Would the rabbi be Orthodox, Conservative or Reform?) The Fox manufactured "outrage" was reinforced in the chyron: "Invite List Sparks Outrage, Exclusion of Clergy at 9-11 Commemoration." He claimed that while we have a secular state, "we don't have a secular society." He claimed that over 85% of Americans are Christians. (According to Pew, it's 78.4) The chyron claimed that "atheists say religion should be involved." This is funny because Rob Silverman (of those nasty atheist Christmas billboards) did say that along with clergy, he should be able to give an address. (Can you imagine the Fox outrage if he were allowed to do that!). Cabrera said that "most Americans are asking for this." (Really?)

Comment: Once again, neither the guests nor the Fox host mentioned that clergy have never participated in the 9-11 memorials. But who cares about details like that when you can bash Bloomberg and remind folks about those evil Muslims and atheists. The beat goes on, the beat goes on. Fox keeps pounding propaganda rhythm to the brain......


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