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Cavuto Likens The Federal Government To The Mafia

Reported by Guest Blogger - September 2, 2011 -

By Brian

On Tuesday (8/30/11), Your World and Neil Cavuto trotted out actor Gianni Russo, from The Godfather, to discuss Cavuto’s supposed discovery that in the wake of Irene, the Obama administration had begun replacing the word “government” with the words “federal family.” Apparently, the word “family” made Cavuto think of the Mafia. But instead of getting an actual Mafioso, Cavuto got Russo to opine on the similarities or differences. All in good fun, of course.

"I know what a lot of you are thinking,” Cavuto told his audience. “’Oh, that's just patently absurd to get someone who played a mob person to address this family thing’ We actually thought he was perfect."

When Russo was delayed, Cavuto said about the use of the word "family," "It follows on the heels of not calling tax increases tax increases but revenue enhancements. It's no longer stimulus, it’s projected growth. It's just new words for the same old thing."

When Russo finally appeared, he said, "It's about time they went back to the family. At least it will run right maybe. If they use the old street knowledge."

Cavuto asked, "It's supposed to at least give you an image of folks who care… Does it work?"

Unfortunately, Russo didn’t quite get the memo. He said, "I think so…. I like that better than government." He spoke from New Jersey where there's "a lot of water out here, man. They need some family help out here."

Cavuto said, "A new name for them isn't going to change the fact that they botched it."

By now Gianni had gotten with the program. "Most of the 5 families in New York were upside down, why do they want to become a family now?" He and Cavuto laughed. "Family is a heavy name to put on after government," Russo said.

At the end, Cavuto said, "I know a lot of you are just flabbergasted. Why would I have someone who played a mob figure talking about the federal family? …I just thought it was interesting, and that was a great movie."

The sad thing is, many of us are NOT flabbergasted. Fox used Sopranos star Vince Curatola for, essentially, the same purposes.

What’s more, referring to the federal government as “family” is nothing new. As Media Matters pointed out, the phrase was used back as far as the first Bush administration, in 1992 and used often by top officials in previous administrations.

So what will the next Mafia actor discuss? Education? Environment? Economy? Foreign Policy?

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