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First, Fox News Attacks Obama For Scheduling His Speech On Wednesday, Then Attacks Him For Changing It To Thursday

Reported by Ellen - September 1, 2011 -

In case anyone needs proof that Fox News will attack President Obama no matter what he does, check out how the "fair and balanced" network handled the scheduling of his upcoming address to Congress about jobs. First, a fair amount of time was spent attacking President Obama for scheduling the address on Wednesday, September 7, because that’s the day of a Republican presidential candidate debate. In the middle of the Hannity show, it was announced that the date had been switched to Thursday, September 8. Did anyone on Fox show any gratitude or appreciation for the change? Heck no! They kept right on attacking him for the original schedule but now added that he had “caved.”

Sean Hannity led off his show complaining about the scheduling of the address. As he spoke, a graphic saying, “SPEECH PROBLEM” appeared on the screen. He repeated his complaints several times.

Later, after the news broke that the date had been changed, Hannity still complained about the original scheduling only now he added, “Now he’s backed down and he looks weak.”

In concert with Hannity, a banner on the screen read, “Obama caves to Boehner.”

Later, during the Great American Panel segment, the graphic read, “OBAMA CAVES.”

“Liberal” Greta Van Susteren picked right up where Hannity left off. She began her program with a “Fox News Alert” saying, “President Obama cries ‘Uncle’ and Speaker Boehner wins this round.” She made a point of noting that now Obama's speech will conflict with a big football game. And then she went on to ask Donald Trump what he thought.

Memo to President Obama: Fox News and the Republicans don’t care how much you try to get along with them and do the right thing. They want power, not bipartisanship, and no detail is too small – from the kind of mustard you put on a hamburger, to where you go on vacation, to what day you schedule a speech – to seize as an opportunity to eat away at and ultimately destroy your presidency. The longer you fail to address this cancer, the worse it will get.

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