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David Limbaugh Models His “Positive Agenda” On Hannity

Reported by Ellen - September 1, 2011 -

Chalk up David Limbaugh – brother of Rush – as another Fox News conservative who seems unable to open his mouth without hate mongering against President Obama and Democrats. He visited the Hannity show Wednesday (8/31/11) for a repeat performance. But near the end of it, he complained, with unintentional hilarity, about Democrats’ demagoguery due to having “no positive, affirmative agenda.” If you can find one positive thing Limbaugh said – other than the need to cut entitlements, if you can call that “positive” and “affirmative,” please let me know what I missed.

Even the title of Limbaugh’s book (which I will not repeat, but you can see it in the video) hate mongers against Obama. But here are some of the things Limbaugh said during the interview:

All Obama’s (upcoming) speech is about is propaganda and policy… It’s about getting him up in the polls…

(Obama’s) defying the Constitution and the rule of law, acting outside of his authority…

(Obama) is not respecting his Constitutional authority, but that’s just the beginning. His real problem is spending. He’s addicted to an ideology that is destined to destroy the country and bankrupt us and he won’t come away from it…

Liberals are unable to learn. They were unable to learn through FDR’s failed policies. They exacerbated the Depression…

In previous visits to Fox, Limbaugh has said:

(John) Kerry has a thing against the military (though unlike Kerry, Limbaugh never served).

Complaining that Democrats sold bumper stickers “disparaging Christians,” Limbaugh added, “I mean, it’s just a party thing.

Recently, Limbaugh tweeted side-by-side photos of Rick Perry in flyboy uniform next to Barack Obama looking like a stoner with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. As our Priscilla noted, Limbaugh falsely presented the photos as each man at 22 but Obama was only 18 and a freshman in college.

As I’ve repeatedly noted, bullyboy Sean Hannity fashions himself as the all time victim of meanie liberals and is the Resident-in-Chief of Fox’s GOP Special Victims Unit. With his bullyboy whine, Hannity asked Limbaugh, “What do you make of this (Democratic) rhetoric that we just played in the last segment?”

Limbaugh answered, “Because that’s all they have. All the Democrats have is to demonize the Republicans and conservatives. They have no positive affirmative agenda. Nothing they subscribe to works.”

And then he was off to more attacks, concluding with, “(Obama) needs to get his boot off the private sector.”

So what besides demonizing liberals and Democrats does Limbaugh have? Let's ask him at @DavidLimbaugh.

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