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The Five’s Greg Gutfeld Would Drill For Oil In The Everglades: “It’s Just A Big Swamp”

Reported by Aunty Em - August 31, 2011 -

GOP Candidate Michele Bachmann set tongues a-flutter this past weekend all across Florida and the nation while giving a stump speech in Sarasota. Bachmann insisted that we should be drilling for oil in the Everglades to reduce ‘Merka’s dependence on foreign oil. At the risk of indentifying my location (you’ve not read my hate mail) I live on the very eastern edge of the Everglades. In fact, my home was once part of the Everglades, as was most of southern Florida at one time. The history of this state can’t be written without touching upon the utter ecological destruction caused to Florida when Napoleon Bonaparte Broward decided to drain the swamp back at the turn of the last century. Broward famously compared the Everglades to the Chicago of 60 years previous, which had been swampland before it was reclaimed from Lake Michigan. However, very little was known about the Everglades in the early 1900s. Much has been learned about the fragility of the ecosystem—from Lake Okeechobee south—since then, especially after Marjory Stoneman Douglas published “The Everglades: River of Grass” in 1947. Since then environmentalists, governors, and presidents have tried to reverse the effects of what Broward’s development wrought.* President Nixon cancelled a proposed airport project that would have been built in the middle of the Everglades, while President George W. Bush cancelled all Everglades oil drilling permits while he was in office. However, The Five’s Greg Gutfeld knows better than any of us. Watch this exchange between Gutfeld and Bob Beckel:

Video courtesy of Media Matters

GG: They call the Everglades a fragile ecosystem. Isn’t that a complicated way of saying “swamp”? It’s just a big swamp. It’s a valuable—Bob, it’s a valuable swamp—it’s a valuable swamp, but it’s a swamp.

BB: You live in Manhattan and you call that a swamp?

GG: I live in a swamp too.

There is as little chance that there will be oil drilling in the Everglades as there will be oil drilling in New York’s Central Park. While someone should have told Michele Bachmann that her comments would go over like a lead balloon in Florida, people are used to Greg Gutfeld saying ridiculous things, like: “I would drill [for oil] in Disneyland and make it a ride.” He’s not saying that because he believes it; Gutfeld often says things just for the sheer shock value.

* A good resource on “Reclaiming the Everglades” can be found here.