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Steve Doocy & Tucker Carlson Bash GA Professors Who Teach "Illegals" As Law Breakers

Reported by Priscilla - August 31, 2011 -

As the mouthpiece for the rabidly xenophobic right wing, Fox News provides validation for those who seek to demonize "illegals" at every opportunity, most notably hosting speakers from the SPLC anti-immigration hate group, Federation for American Immigration Reform and providing lots of validation for the controversial Arizona immigration bill. Recently, the state of Georgia passed an immigration law which bans undocumented students from attending top Georgia colleges and universities because the majority of Georgia legislators believe that qualified home grown students are being displaced by these furriners. Five University of Georgia professors have volunteered to teach classes, equivalent to the actual college courses, to these undocumented students. They are in the process of seeking accreditation for their Freedom University. Sounds like a noble way to counter what appears to be biased state law. But not so for Roger Ailes "lackey" Steve Doocy and famous "dick" Tucker Carlson who think that these professors are breaking the law. Yesterday's Fox & Friends segment, part of the "Trouble With Schools" Fox & Friends series, demonstrated, once again,that Fox & Friends is America's number one right wing propaganda driven morning show.

The chyron framed the segment as Doocy provided the back story: "Skirting State Law, UGA Professors Start Course for Illegals." (Note - not even a question mark. Fox has deemed that there is an infraction). Doocy nearly choked as he chortled "Howwww are they getting away that." Doocy, not an attorney, provided the Roger Ailes directed agitprop in his summary of what Fox wants you to know: "You've got these five state employees helping illegals avert a state law." Right wing partisan Tucker Carlson (also not an attorney) agreed and added that these people, who work for the state of Georgia, are "openly working to subvert a law." He "explained" that what the law means is that when the top colleges "turn down academically qualified citizens, they can't accept illegal aliens." Fact Check: "Board of Regents own study concluded that less than 1 percent of the state’s public college students were illegal immigrants and that undocumented students who pay out-of-state tuition more than pay for their education." Doocy said "absolutely" when Carlson alleged that the professors haven't helped legal immigrants. (D'uh, they're not being kept out of any colleges.) He described the legal immigrants as "worthy people." Doocy said "no kidding" when Carslon "joked" that the professors have "a lot of free time."

Doocy read a statement from one of the professors. As the chyron read "Professors Going Rogue, Offering Courses to Illegals in Georgia," Doocy said that while these students deserve an education, they certainly should be following the rules." Carlson whined that professors should "be making state policy" and blamed it on "tenure" and a "light work load." He accused them of "not doing their jobs." Doocy reinforced the agitprop by doing his tradmark putting words in people's mouths when he speculated that the professors said, after the law was passed, "we're gonna avert the law." He continued that for this do be done "in such a public manner, pffttt, that's annoying a lot of people." (Apart from Fox "news," what people?) Carlson repeated the bogus, nativist talking point that this was triggered "by the "refusal to admit qualified citizens" and that the universities "had already said, to American citizens who can make it academically, that we don't have room for you." Tucker proclaimed that now, if these five institutions of higher ed, admit those nasty illegals, they're breaking the law. He didn't mention that teachers from the nation's prestigious schools are on the Freedom University Board of Advisors. And while he noted that the "illegals" could go to other state schools, he didn't mention that those who live in GA would have to pay out of state tuition.

Comment: Don't ya love the smell of propaganda in the morning. The lesson here was direct and simple - "Illegal aliens" were, according to the walls of genius in the GA legislature, getting preferential treatment over "real" Merkuns. But a group of criminal, tenured smarty pants professors are breaking the law by teaching the "illegals." Notice that neither Doocy nor Carlson provided any actual proof of how, exactly, the law is being broken. Notice that they didn't bring in a lawyer or somebody from the GA state university system to provide another opinion. There is no evidence that these colleges "refused" to admit "qualified" students. But Tucker Carlso says so, so it must be true. And it does play well to the immigrant and higher education hating Fox audience. The trouble here isn't with schools - it's the bigotry and misinformation being peddled on a network that's supposed to be "fair & balanced." Oh, right. Fox & Friends is "opinion" so all bets are off. Oh, and I wonder if "qualified" students were passed over so that Steve Doocy's son Peter, now a Fox reporter, could get into Villanova. Just saying....

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