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Cavuto Showcases GOP Plan To End National Flood Insurance

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 31, 2011 -

By Brian

In the wake of Irene’s devastating floods, Neil Cavuto’s Your World brought on Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) Monday (8/29/11) for a friendly discussion about ending the national flood insurance program. What it really boiled down to, is “American” Miller questioning why people not in flood zones (like Michigan) should pay for flood insurance in places that are.

Speaking in a mean voice, she said "The question I ask is, why in the world is the federal government in the flood insurance business?”

Miller continued, “Our hearts go out to all of these individuals. But it's terrible when someone's home or business floods, but isn't it also bad if your home burns down, or if you get in a mudslide or a wildfire? …Why did we just pick flood insurance? If we really think the federal government should be in the insurance business, why not just take over everyone's homeowner insurance?" She said the program was "over $20 billion in debt right now, because no surprise, guess what? The federal government isn't a very good insurance agent. So, we need to get out of this business, I believe."

Cavuto said, "The argument for it Congresswoman, I’m not agreeing or disagreeing, is that when private insurers either avoid an area or won't insure in area… then the government has no choice but to back that up."

"I don't think people in my district need to pay for somebody that has rebuilt three and four times,” Miller groused. “...All of the Great Lake states are really significantly disadvantaged because we don't have hurricanes, and we don't live below sea level… Michigan pays more than six times in premiums than we get back in claims... When other Americans are hurt by a natural disaster, we have to step in. I think then we should have FEMA and then some sort of National Catastrophic Fund where everybody pays, not just premium payers in other areas that are forced into the flood insurance program. And I think the Federal Government should be responsible for coordinating NOAA and the National Hurricane Center."

Cavuto gave it his stamp of approval: "Just don't go overboard. Well spoken."

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