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Greta Van Susteren’s Hypocritical Outrage Over Politico Asking If Rick Perry Is Dumb

Reported by Ellen - August 30, 2011 -

Less than two weeks after Greta Van Susteren dismissed as “Texas swagger” Republican Rick Perry’s attacks on Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke – calling him “almost treasonous” and saying he’d be treated “pretty ugly” in Texas - Van Susteren was in a snit over Politico’s “name calling” in an article headlined Is Rick Perry Dumb? Considering the name calling that goes on 24/7 on Fox, much of it right on her own show, Van Susteren’s indignation was laughable. The difference, of course, is that on Fox, Democrats and liberals are called names whereas Politico had the audacity to do it to the Republican presidential candidate Fox is rooting for.

“Is name calling journalism… What’s up with that?” Van Susteren asked last night (8/29/11) in her segment about the Politico piece. “…The power of the media… can really destroy a candidate unfairly… (It’s) even cruel to say, ‘Is Perry Dumb?’ …It’s open season on these candidates. It’s not good journalism."

During the segment, a banner on the screen read: POLITICO HAS NEVER USED ‘DUMB’ TO CHARACTERIZE ANY DEMOCRATS.

This from the station that regularly demonizes, denigrates and demeans liberals. If you don’t believe me, check out Jon Stewart’s brilliant deconstruction of Fox News’ hypocritical victimology below. Some of the comments from either Fox News hosts, pundits or regular guests: “Liberals don’t care about free speech,” “Liberals are Godless people,” “Liberals love dictators” “The left is uniting with Islamists,” they “sabotage America,” are “destroying America” “endangering America” and “plan to ruin your life.”

But while Van Susteren has never indicated a problem with that kind of rhetoric, she whined to her guest, Rick Klein, of ABC News, that the article characterized Perry as “lightweight, incurious… doubts about Perry’s intellect… It goes on and on and on.”

Klein either didn’t know about or chose not to confront the blatant hypocrisy. Neither speaks well for a reporter.

Klein did defend the Politico article as the kind of process all candidates go through. But Van Susteren interrupted to ask, “Why? Why? Because the journalists aren’t looking at your policies and to see what you’ve done in terms of your work experience? They’re just taking swipes, asking if you’re stupid? …I’d like to see journalism be a little bit more like journalism.”

Then what’s her excuse for allowing Donald Trump to use her show to promote his completely bogus and non-policy accusations about President Obama’s birth certificate? With Trump, Van Susteren put forth only the mildest of challenges without noting the comprehensive investigations by two fact-checking organizations which each had thoroughly and completely debunked Trump’s “controversy” three years earlier.

Or did Van Susteren consider it “real journalism” and not just taking swipes when then-Fox News contributor Rick Santorum attacked President Obama for criticizing "cable news chatter" by saying, “This reminds me of what Hugo Chavez is doing down in Venezuela, trying to shut down the voice of opposition in the media.” That also happened on On The Record – without objection from Van Susteren.

Or how about, on another On The Record show, Santorum criticizing Obama for going on a date with his wife to New York City and suggesting they should have gone to the corner bar instead? Where was the policy substance there?

Or what about when Rush Limbaugh said to her about Obama, “I think we're looking at a person with a God or messianic complex, certainly narcissistic… President Obama wants to tear apart the foundation that built this country into the greatest country in the world... and remake it in his image, closer to something that would be approved of by people like... Hugo Chavez.”

Funny how Van Susteren never had a problem with any of THAT kind of journalism when it was right there on her own show.

And while we're at it? Here are a few of the "real journalism" posts about President Obama on Fox Nation:

The top story tries to make political hay out of President Obama's uncle being arrested as an illegal immigrant (I'm sure it has nothing to do with Fox's birther fixation). Where's the policy evaluation there?


Or how about two other stories lower on the site: One accuses Obama of "Hoping Hurricane Irene Would Be A Disaster" and the other mocks Obama for using two teleprompters for a three-minute speech.


Real journalism? I report, you decide!

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