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In Promoting 9-11 Prayer, Good Christian Steve Doocy Tells Fibs?

Reported by Priscilla - August 29, 2011 -

When Fox "News" has an "outrage" that it feels is important, it is given saturation coverage so that the message can be reinforced. Fox provided extensive "coverage" of the African American rap artist, Common, who appeared at the White House. The message, pitched at Fox's bigoted, conservative base was that Obama palls around with scary black men - a meme defined by Fox commentator Kirsten Powers when she described Fox's round the clock attacks on the US Attorney General (scary black man) for his supposed easy treatment of Black Panthers (scary black men) who were supposedly engaging in voter intimidation. Last week's manufactured outrage was about how NY City's Mayor Bloomberg "banned" clergy from participating in the 9-11 Anniversary Memorial. The reality is that Bloomberg didn't invite them because he wants the focus of the ceremony to be on the families, in addition to time constraints. Another inconvenient truth is that clergy have never been invited - something you didn't hear about on Fox. But the threefold message here is that Bloomberg is a godless, insensitive heathen who defends evil Muslims connected to the "Ground Zero Mosque" (a source of abundant "saturation" from Fox "News') and that Christians, once again, are being victimized by godless heathens. Last Friday, as part of the onslaught of Fox Bloomberg bashing, good Christian and Roger Ailes lackey Steve Doocy provided a pulpit for a victimized pastor and in so doing showed us, once again, how in Doocy's version of Christianity that old commandment about telling the truth is old school!

Steve Doocy reinforced the propaganda with the carefully chosen verb from Fox management. He said that Bloomberg has "banned" clergy. Factcheck - they weren't invited but in Foxspeak not being invited to something means you're "banned." Doocy worked in the other piece of the propaganda pie that Fox used in every piece that was done on this matter when he said that "this comes as a surprise especially since he recently defended plans to build that mosque near "Ground Zero." Factcheck: It's an Islamic cultural center which includes a mosque. In introducing his guest, a NY councilman and pastor of "New Life Church," Doocy framed the propaganda to follow: "So the mayor doesn't want any religious leaders at the Memorial." The chyron worked in the two agitprop points: "Clergy Left Out of 9-11 Event, But Bloomberg Defends Ground Zero Mosque." Factcheck - "Ground Zero Mosque" is a term coined by the Murdoch owned NY Post and advanced on Fox News. As Fernando Cabrera spoke, the chyron defined the issue as an "outrage": "Invite List Sparks Outrage, Exclusion of Clergy at 9-11 Memorial." Doocy said it was "extraordinary" that "there will be no prayer." Factcheck: There never has been. More agitprop on the chyron: "Bloomberg Under Scrutiny, Not Inviting Clergy to 9-11 Memorial Ceremony."

After Doocy read a statement from Bloomberg, Doocy projected his own facile Christian bias when he claimed that although he didn't take a poll, he thought that "most of the families would be comforted by prayer." Cabrera said that it would bring unity. Doocy reiterated the bogus talking point about how Bloomberg has no problem with the building of the "mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero." Factcheck: It's 12 Blocks away. Besides, the "mosque" is about zoning and not comparable to a ceremony being hosted by the city of NY. People have a right to build religious structures. They have no right to clergy at public ceremonies When Cabrera said that clergy are "symbols of hope," Doocy said absolutely. As with the other Fox shows, nobody mentioned that clergy have never participated in past memorials.

Comment: As the "Church Lady" would say "Isn't that special" that Steve Doocy loves prayer and in promoting it, tells lies. Such, I guess, is the bizarro Christian world of Fox "News."


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