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Steve Doocy Supports Public Prayer In Jesus' Name

Reported by Priscilla - August 27, 2011 -

The right wing hate the ACLU because, presumably, it's a bunch of godless commie pinkos who defend those evil atheists whose attempts to destroy Christianity are an assault on the very fabric of American life as we know it. Who cares about that silly First Amendment except, of course, when Christians feel that their First Amendment issues are being threatened by those evil atheists who use the ACLU to foster their evil ways. As the mouthpiece for the rabid, anti-ACLU types, Fox "News" never wastes an opportunity to bash the ACLU through Fox's morning propaganda mouthpiece otherwise know as Fox & Friends which also specializes in persecuted Christians. Yesterday, good Christians Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt were able to reinforce the meme of Christian victimization while also bashing an ACLU over a lawsuit involving separation of church and state - a concept rejected by persecuted Christians and their friends on Fox. So it was a propaganda twofer. Pretty sweet, eh?

Steve Doocy smiled lovingly as Ainsley Earhardt, dressed for a toga party, said "the ACLU is at it again." She reported that "this time they're going after another county board that prays before its meetings." The chyron: "ACLU Takes on Prayer, Again, Asks Board to Stop Pre Meeting Invocations." Doocy tilted his head as he reported that even though the Virginia chapter of the ACLU wants the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors to stop their prayer before their meetings, the board is going to continue the practice that goes back to 1767. (Before the US Constitution, in the good old days when Catholics and Jews were denied the right to vote in some areas of the American colonies). Earhardt, with a gleam in her eye, asked County Supervisor Tim Barber (sporting his patriotic American tie) to tell the audience about what happened which was, as Ainsley expressed it, about how "you get this complaint...and all of you agreed prayer is fine for these meeting." Barber said that he was proud that the board took a stand to continue the prayer and that the community was behind them. Doocy said "sure" and read the ACLU's statement about how, based on the First Amendment, the government shouldn't "use its power to promote one religion..." and that prayers should be "broad and inclusive." When Doocy said that the prayer was said before the meeting, Barber said that "enough is enough and sometimes you have to take a stand." Doocy agreed.

Doocy tittered as Barber said that his board ignored the ACLU and "prayed." The chyron reinforced this bravery: "Supervisors Say No to ACLU." Barber said that they needed to change the law to reflect "common sense that goes back to what the country was founded on." Obviously not familiar with the First Amendment, he added "the government needs to stand up for the American people and do what's right." (Translation - stand up for Christians). Doocy said "sure." Barber said he wasn't worried about the consequences. To Earhardt's question of how he would respond to the complainant who objects to taxpayer money being spent on prayer, he responded that 90% of the people support this. (So who cares about the Constitution when there's a majority supporting your views). The board's heroism was reinforced with the chyron, "County Board Defiant, Refuses to Stop Praying After Asked by ACLU." Constitutional expert Steve Doocy (not) referenced how every session of the US Congress is started with a prayer so "what you're doing is not that different."

Comment: Is Doocy an idiot or does he play one on TV? The Senate prayer is non-denominational. The complaint filed by the ACLU states that the prayers said by the Board of Supervisors are "consistently Christian in nature; that is, they explicitly refer to Jesus Christ." And that means that one religion is being promoted. Duh. But as that is the only religion endorsed by Fox "News," it's all good. Onward Christian soldiers, Fox News has your back! Wonder what Steve Doocy would say if his public officials opened meetings with a prayer to Allah....?!?