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Cavuto Trots Out Donald Trump To Politicize Hurricane Irene And Cheer On Rick Perry

Reported by Ellen - August 27, 2011 -

Co-authored by Brian

I don’t know about you but when it comes to hurricane issues, our minds do not immediately go to Donald Trump. But ever on the lookout for ways to politicize even the weather, Fox News trotted out Donald Trump on Your World Friday (8/16/11) purportedly to discuss, as FoxNews.com put it, “Irene’s impact on NYC, economy.” I guess newly-minted economic expert Bill O’Reilly was too busy battening down the hatches on his Long Island mansion. But while he was there, Trump used the hurricane to take some swipes at President Obama and later gushed over Rick Perry's veiled threat against Fed chairman Ben Bernanke.

Funny, but Cavuto didn’t spend much time at all on the economy. Trump opined that some businesses would get hurt and others do very well from the storm - as if we couldn’t have figured that out for ourselves. Cavuto called Trump “a pretty good expert on leadership” and asked him to rate the jobs of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the hurricane - which hadn't happened yet. “What do you think of how they’re doing?” Cavuto asked. Well, if O’Reilly can play an economic expert on Fox, why not Trump playing a disaster expert?

Trump said, "I know Gov. Christie well, I know Gov. Cuomo well, and they're doing what you have to do.” Then he took a gratuitous jab at President Obama. “I have not seen much of President Obama, I haven't seen a lot of leadership there. He's still on vacation, I guess."

"Well, he’s returned," Cavuto said. At the bottom of the screen, the news ticker said that President Obama urges residents of the eastern US in the path of the hurricane to take precautions now and that he had declared an emergency for North Carolina. That sounds like leadership to us. But Cavuto didn’t challenge Trump’s accusation.

Instead, Cavuto said, “Speaking of your view of some of these politicians…” and asked Trump if it was true he had been talking to Rick Perry.

"They've all been calling," Trump boasted. He said he'd spoken to Perry "quite a bit." Trump added, “He’s somebody that’s, I really think, doing a great campaign. I sort of have to smile when they say, ‘Oh, gee some of the statements weren't proper.’ I think those statements were absolutely what people want to hear, and people are tired of political correctness."

"Are you talking about the treasonous one about the Fed?" Cavuto asked.

"Yeah, it was a figure of speech and they try and make like it was a gaffe,” Trump said. “That wasn't a gaffe. And let me tell you something. He picked up plenty of votes with that particular statement, other than from the media."

“Well, you know, you’re right about that,” Cavuto agreed.

When asked if a third party candidate could succeed next year, Trump said, "I think third party can absolutely happen… If it's the right person; It’s got to be absolutely the right person and it really has to be someone that’s either very wealthy or has access to a lot of money."

Cavuto said excitedly, "That's you! That's you!"

"Well, I do qualify on those scores," Trump said with false modesty.

The segment closed with the Cavuto stamp of approval. "Always a pleasure."

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