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Hannity Turns 9-11 Memorial "Controversy" Into Attack On Imam Rauf & Mayor Bloomberg

Reported by Priscilla - August 26, 2011 -

As the mouthpiece for the church of the perpetually outraged conservative Christian, Fox News is, as it did in the matter of the so called "Ground Zero Mosque, all too happy to advance yet another "controversy" which, as demonstrated by a Fox Nation headline, can be tied into the "mosque" affair. And, as with the "mosque" (Really an Islamic Cultural Center), Fox is not telling the whole truth about this so called controversy which, like the "mosque" coverage, is being used to attack one individual, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has, according to Fox, the unmitigated gall to approve the "mosque" while not allowing clergy to participate in the 9-11 anniversary memorial. As noted by Media Matters, Fox is engaging in a full tilt Bloomberg bash-a-palozza. And it's just not the opinion shows. Martha MacCallum, an alleged Fox "news" anchor, clearly showed her support for those who are ginning up this controversy. And good Christian Sean Hannity wasn't shy about his feelings concerning this "controversy." During last night's segment, he earned his lucrative Fox News salary by - wait for it - not just getting in the perfunctory reference, begun on Fox Nation, to the "mosque" - but attacking Imam Rauf with the same unsubstantiated BS attacks that Fox "News" engaged in during their mosque-a-palooza. And did I mention that his graphic is "9-11 Outrage."

Hannity framed the agitprop from the beginning with his rhetoric about how Bloomberg has "banned" clergy from the ceremony. In Hannity's bizarro world, if folks are not included in something, they're banned which means that if you don't get an invitation to a relative's wedding, yer banned! At 30 seconds in, he said that Bloomberg was OK with a "mosque" (Cultural Center) just "steps away from ground zero." (12 blocks). Hannity wanted to know "why we can't mention God on September 11th." The outraged Hannity asked Juan Williams his opinion. Not surprisingly, Williams agreed and said he couldn't understand why Bloomberg is doing this. Hannity moved into anti-"mosque" mode with the reference to how Bloomberg supported the "ground zero mosque in spite of the controversy" (generated by Fox, the NY Post, and Islamophobic hate group leader Pam Geller) " of the Imam who was responsible. The guy that Ben Laden made in the USA" (WTF?)"and all these other controversial statements" (fabricated by the aforementioned). Hannity wanted to know if Bloomberg is afraid that he would have to invite "him and everybody cuz he doesn't have the courage to stand up against radicals like the last time."

Kimberly Guilfoyle bashed Bloomberg for not managing the situation. While she spoke, a video of two gay men being married was shown. When Hannity asked if Rauf would be invited, Guilfoyle earned her pay by saying how Bloomberg is friendly with the developers of the - wait for it - "Ground Zero Mosque." Hannity continued to attack Rauf by describing him as "radical" who "says outrageous things in the aftermath of 9-11" (Like what you're doing now, Sean). Hannity didn't explain what these "things" were - because that's another right wing lie. Rauf was part of a George Bush mission to the Middle East and "one of the loudest voices condemning the 9-11 attacks." But you won't hear that from Hannity who bashed Bloomberg as "too cowardly to stand up to the radical elements" and that's why he's not going to invite clergy.

Williams said he didn't agree with Hannity's and Guilfoyle's comparison of the "mosque" to the ceremony because the building is a zoning decision. Hannity wanted to know if Rauf wants to be at the ceremony and Bloomberg "doesn't have the guts or courage to say if you're blaming America, Bin Laden made in the USA, all the other garbage that he spewed...maybe you can't come." Guilfoyle said that Imam shouldn't be there but a representative of each faith should. She added more perfunctory Bloomberg bashing by saying that this "is an embarassment." She referenced how "In God We Trust" is on the money - which of course has nothing to do with the "controversy" (The phrase was added in the 1930's) and this "we know he likes money." (And you don't!)

Comment: OKaaaay. So the devout Catholic Sean Hannity is advocating for prayer at the 9-11 Memorial while he's smearing and lying about two people that he hates. (Two broken commandments there) Got cognitive dissonance? Got hypocrisy? Don't ya love how he took an organizational decision made by Bloomberg and turned it into a conspiracy for which Bloomberg gets bashed. But one thing is for sure, Fox News never wastes an opportunity to engage in its ongoing "crusade" - or is it jihad - against the "Ground Zero Mosque." OH, and BTW - CLERGY HAVE NEVER PARTICIPATED in the 9-11 ceremonies, according to Murdoch's WSJ. Nobody mentioned that. Ah, don't ya love the fairness and balance of Christian "America's Newsroom"

Addendum: Rauf's quote about Bin Laden being "made in the USA" was in reference to how the US armed the Mujahadeen of which Bin Laden was a part.

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