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Fox's La Jeunesse Spins Against Green Energy Projects

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 26, 2011 -

By Brian

On Happening Now yesterday (8/25/11), William La Jeunesse "reported" about waste in Washington as part of the regular “It's All Your Money” segment. Midway through the "report,” La Jeunesse said, "Twenty one billion for highly inefficient and wasteful green energy projects that produce little or no power compared to oil, gas, and nuclear, and no mention of the loss of jobs and higher prices we likely pay for power, and the calls for higher subsidies for low income people that will have to pay more for expensive electricity, and the fact that Spain destroyed two jobs for every green job created." But there was no mention that going green produces more jobs per dollar than money invested in fossil fuels. Host Jenna Lee didn't challenge him on the omission or offer the alternative analysis. Just being "fair and balanced," Fox style.

Video below via Media Matters.

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